Video Production

If a picture is worth a thousands words, then how much can a video be worth to your business?

Video on the internet is now more popular than ever. Your customers are more likely to sit and watch a video from you, then they are to read or watch a slideshow of your business. This means you can get your marketing message across more effectively and convert them into paying customers faster. Contact us today at 559-553-5000 to schedule a phone interview with us and learn how we can help you create an online video for your business.

Video Viewers are a Powerful Audience Segment!

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“Over 50% of internet users look for videos of a product before visiting a store.”


“Users who click on a YouTube ad are 25% more likely to make a purchase and spend 10% more on average.”

-Sridhar Ramaswamy,
Google Senior Vice President of Ads and Commerce

YouTube audienences are more than 4x more likely to Search for your Brand!

Cross-Network Ads Lift Branded Search Interest on Google!

Google Branded Search Interest


Only Google Search


Google Search & Youtube Ads


Google Search & TV Ads

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