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Don’t Just Beat Your Competition…CRUSH IT with a WordPress website. We have been helping organizations with their WordPress websites since 2008. In fact, we have helped over 500 businesses with their websites and online marketing. Our goal is to help you not only create a great WordPress site, but to also help you get setup with the right online marketing tools. This way you can reach your growth goals. Call us today at 559-553-5000 to learn why hundreds of businesses have chosen for their WordPress website and online marketing needs.
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What is WordPress?

WordPress is a widely known content management system tool used for website development. A lot of well known and popular websites are using WordPress because it is versatile and flexible for adding content and page structure.

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What Are The Benefits of Using WordPress?

There are many benefits to using WordPress. However, platforms like WordPress are only as good as the people that use those tools to build your website. Below you will find some of the systems we use to help you achieve the best possible results for your WordPress website.

Make Your Website Safe and Secure

WordPress gives users the ability to create simple and enterprise websites, forums, personal blogs, complex portals, eCommerce stores and portfolios with simplicity and flexibility. No matter the size of your website, big or small, WordPress is considered the best solution for you. If website security seems to be an issue for you, there is no need to worry. WordPress developers and their vigilant security team continue to monitor and provide daily improvements to ensure users are given a top of the line secure platform. Moreover, we can integrate automatic backups and security plugins to help minimize any risks.
SMART Work Gets Rewarded
SMART Work Gets Rewarded

Supercharge Your Website With Plugins

We often get asked, “Is it possible to do ….?” WordPress plugins allow us to create very unique functionality such make your website into a membership website, create custom forms, sell items on your store, improve your online rankings, add security, create unique forms, and many more things. WordPress allows users the ability to enhance site functionality, customize, and add features that are suitable enough for building the perfect website. However, plugins are like salt and sugar. You want to use them wisely. Adding too many plugins to your website can cause your website to run slow or possibly even break. The good news is that we do this eveyday and understand the necessary balance to get you optimal results.

On Page SEO with SEO Yoast

SEO Yoast is a WordPress plugin that we like to use to create great Search Engine Optimization for your WordPress website. By utilizing WordPress, users have the ability to properly use SEO Yoast and categorize keywords and tags to make sure their website is easy to find by the search engines.
SMART Work Gets Rewarded
SMART Work Gets Rewarded
SMART Work Gets Rewarded

Increase Traffic With A Blog

We have analyzed literraly thousands of websites. If there is one thing that high traffic websites have in common, is that they all have a blog or many web pages. WordPress allows you to easily add more web pages through your blog. The more articles that are on your website, then the more organic keywords you’ll show up for and the more traffic you’ll get. For example, we like to use a tool got semrush.com. You can enter any website address and it will show you how many keywords they show for and how much traffic they are getting. Notice how there is a strong correlation between how much traffic a website gets based on how many organic keywords they show up for. WordPress make it easy to add more web pages to your website.

Fast Load Speeds

No one wants to continue browsing on a website that is slow to load and lags. WordPress has special plugins such as W3 Total Cache and other plugins to help increase your website’s page speed. In fact, Google has mentioned that your website’s speed can affect your online rankings. This is why we optimize your images and don’t bloat your website with unecessary plugins. Moreover, we’ll install a cache plugin to help returning visitors get fast page speeds. A fast site could potentially lead to more traffic, which in return could yield more subscribers, and an overall return on revenue.
SMART Work Gets Rewarded
SMART Work Gets Rewarded

Get A Customized and Mobile Friendly Website

We like to use a theme called DIVI which is one of the most popular WordPress themes in the market. We like to use this theme because it allows us to customize your website and have it look like anything you want. Other website builders like WIX, Weebly, GoDaddy Website builder and many others will restrict you to their template layouts. Here we can create a website that looks unique and doesn’t look like a cookie cutter website. Furthermore, we can customize the look and feel of your mobile and tablet website. Other themes don’t allow you to do this, but we can accomplish this for you. Here we can create a website that looks unique and doesn’t look like a cookie cutter website.

WordPress Is Easy To Update

The majority of our clients like to have us update their website. However, we sometimes have clients that prefer to do their own updates. If you prefer, then we can always help train you on how to do basic updates to your webite. No coding experience will be necessary.

Sell Your Products With WordPress Woocommerce

Ecommerce functionality gives users the ability to create content that meets the needs of online customers via internet marketing. By using WordPress, users can publish content and sell physical and digital products from one platform. And by allowing plugins such as woocommerce do the heavy lifting. Users are able to create an online store with customizable products that will attract customers and increase sales.

SMART Work Gets Rewarded

Our Unique Selling Proposition

There is a list of WordPress design agencies to choose from, but by choosing us, you will be hiring a team of experts at an affordable price. We offer WordPress web design services suitable for any budget. Web design takes dedicated time and attention to detail. Allow us the opportunity to take your web page to the next level. Our team of digital marketing experts stand ready to devote the hours needed to bring your web site design to life. Also, we ensure our servers are equipped with the latest and greatest WordPress software to suit your security and speed needs. We do frequent checks to ensure you have responsive websites and that are safe, secure and free of malware so that it runs at its best capacity. We are a business that takes pride in our work and customer satisfaction is what we strive for.

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