The 6 steps to follow will help with Webinar Marketing.

Webinar marketing takes some strategic ways in order for you to promote your business effectively and reach a higher audience.

These 6 steps I am about to provide you with will guide you through the best ways to use Webinar marketing that will guarantee your business reach new customers. My goal for you is to have a great understanding of how Webinar works in order for your business to reach new heights and for you to be able to promote it effectively.

Once you understand how Webinar marketing works you will be able to promote your business correctly and reach a whole new level for your company!

1. What is a Webinar

What is a Webinar
Webinar marketing is an online seminar to help your business promotions reach a higher audience that may become potential customers. Webinar marketing helps by retaining viewer attention, brings conversation, and generates leads quickly. Webinars are also a lead generation tool that provides free information that is valuable, in hopes that potential customers will see the need to upgrade to paid services or products offered by that business.

One should use Webinars for marketing when teaching potential customers how to use your product, solve a specific problem, or want to share knowledge with the audience. Webinar marketing usually consists of questions asked by the audience while you as a business trying to promote your service provides an answer in hopes of acquiring more customers. Companies also usually use Webinar marketing to demonstrate their service or product and showcase their expertise in the field they serve. The better the topic is the more interested customers will be and most likely would want to buy your product.

One of the best things to do with Webinar marketing is building a strong relationship with the audience or customers. Building on the platform from the relationship made from these potential audiences will help increase your leads. This will help you by generating leads that eventually you would want to turn those leads into revenue.

Keep in mind that Webinar marketing is not a sales market, but rather an online seminar that with the right strategies could bring in customers.

2. How to Choose the Right Webinar Topic

Once you have a basic understanding of Webinar marketing, you now need to focus on choosing the right topic that gives your business the best chances of reaching a higher audience.
To ensure you choose the right topic for the service your business provides, try using a top keyword your business often uses. Once you have found the right topic you then want to provide some valuable content. Once customers have tuned in to your Webinar, you do not want to waste their time with content that is not valuable to them. It will only hurt your business if your content up the topic you have chosen is up to the standard of quality to your audience. Word of mouth spreads quickly and that goes for both good and bad content.
How to Choose the Right Webinar Topic
Through Webinar marketing, it is common for your customers to ask questions. So it is only right that if you promise them something such as a link, sample product, etc. that you keep your word and go through with it. Pay attention to questions that are constantly asked, for those can be a great way to pick out the right topic. Consider talking to your customer service team and ask them if they have any ideas about which questions they frequently get asked by customers. That can help you pinpoint the right topic to ensure your audience is intrigued.

The next thing you should do when choosing the right topic is to make sure your title is a catchy title. Webinar marketing relies heavily on its title to draw the attention of the audience. A great topic title should be informative, interesting, and gets the point across. Most importantly be creative!

Remember you want to entertain the audience to generate leads with the topic you choose not waste their time and effort of joining your Webinar.

3. How to Promote Your Webinar Marketing Strategy

Preparing to promote your Webinar marketing strategy can take months of preparation. This is usually because many companies begin to promote their Webinar a few weeks before that actual date it is set to run. Starting everything at an even earlier time allows for the promotions to begin a few weeks ahead without the feeling of being rushed.

Big decision companies must make when doing a Webinar is choosing which host service to use. Some of these host services can charge a fee for using their service but for those of you that are barely starting there are free host services you can use. Some of the Webinar marketing host platforms you can use include:
(fees may be required)

For those of you that are unable to invest in these paid platforms can try something free like Youtube live. Keep in mind you must have a Google account to be able to use Youtube Live.

Once you have that the next thing you should do is create a plan. After selecting your date, start by adding the Webinar title, description, and a meta description on the main page. This will help the audience have an idea of what your Webinar will provide. Provide them with an estimate of how long the Webinar may be as well as saying it is free to join. Testimonials, social proof, and endorsements will help your potential audience know that it is the right Webinar for them. Remember that emails are one of the biggest promotion tactics and more than 50% of the Webinar sign up are via emails.

Having an opt-in on the main page is a good idea which allows you to keep people updated. You should also send a few reminders via email about the date of the Webinar and any updates that have been made.

How to Promote Your Webinar Marketing Strategy
Other promotional strategies include:

  • Promotional videos
  • Promotional banners on the website
  • Social media campaign
  • Thank you messages to subscribers

You also would want to release teasers to get people interested and make them want to join your Webinar. At the same time, you do not want to release too much information just enough to get them hooked. Remember promoting your Webinar marketing is what is going to provide you with the biggest chance of getting lots of attendees. When the day finally arrives give them something special they will remember that way the next time you set up another Webinar they will want to join.

One final promotional strategy is to invite a guest speaker which can potentially double your attendees. Do research on your topic and possibly invite the best candidate guest speaker to your Webinar.

4. Setting a Webinar Marketing Attendee Goal

Setting a Webinar Marketing Attendee Goal
Having a goal of how many people you want to attend your Webinar will inspire you to reach it. You want the most attendees possible to help generate leads and awareness of your service.

Start by setting a realistic goal of attendees, and keep in mind just because they registered for your Webinar does not guarantee they will attend. What can possibly help your attendee goal is by also setting a registration goal. It is also helpful to track your performance every once in a while to keep track of your efforts of reaching the goal set. This will give you time to step up your promotions if you feel like your goals won’t be reached by the date of the Webinar.

Learning how to boost your Webinar marketing attendees will help you increase those potential customers. You can start by getting a list of past attendees and encourage them to return. For those of you that this will be your first time holding a Webinar, fortunately for you, there have been many before you that you can go to for advice. Another thing to consider when you are trying to recruit attendees is to make sure the time you choose is right. More than 50% of the Webinars take part during these hours and days in the U.S.A:

  • 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. Eastern time
  • 10:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Pacific time
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday

You also do not want your Webinars to be lengthy in time. Some surveys showed that Webinars between 45-60 minutes is the ideal length to attract two-thirds of the registered attendees. Although, Webinars that are between 20-30 minutes long might be convenient to attract larger audiences since they may be looking for quick content.

These goals and objectives are bound to work but only if you dedicate your time and effort to doing them effectively.

5. Work Effectively With Your Team

Obviously, you will not be doing the Webinar all on your own. That is why it is very important to have the right team by your side. Teamwork is crucial to having a successful Webinar market strategy and this will only happen with the help of your team. Teamwork makes the dream work!
Work Effectively With Your Team
Communicating with your team is a very important thing to do in order for your Webinar marketing strategy to flow smoothly. Just like you are preparing for the Webinar, your team is also right behind you supporting you in every way possible. You as the speaker of the Webinar main job is to put up a good show. Therefore, you need to be experienced with the service you provide, prepare and practice for your Webinar, and most importantly set yourself as the brand’s leader.

In doing this you need the help of your team to help you practice as well as get other important things done before the Webinar’s date arrives. It is recommended to assign each one of your team members a certain role to ensure that everything will be ready for the day of the Webinar. Put your customer service team to provide feedback in areas that will help you improve. Your market team can also provide feedback in new and improved ways to turn your audience into potential customers. Other team members can help manage reminders that need to be sent out, handle the campaign that is set to advertise your Webinar and many other tasks that need to be completed.

Members are not the only ones that are part of your team. The equipment you use to host your webinar is also a major role in having a successful webinar. Having a good HD quality camera can help with your recordings to have good resolution. Quality microphones can help your audience hear you clearly as well as having the right amount of lighting. This can include wires, headphones, transmitters, high-quality microphones, and other miscellaneous things. Most importantly is your appearance. This is not only in terms of your professional appearance but also the background you use. You would want it to correspond with the theme of your choosing.

Remember that it is important to share the performance results as well as insight with your team, as they were also a big part of the success of your Webinar marketing strategy. Show them how their contribution to the Webinar helped you have a successful one.

6. Follow up After the Webinar

Once the Webinar is over, your job still is not done quite just yet. You should still follow up with your audience and potentially convert them into customers.

What you should do at the end of the Webinar is start off by thanking all the people that took time out of their day to attend your seminar. You should also encourage them to come back to the next one you will be hosting. Also, if you promised the attendees any incentives make sure to follow through with them. Have your attendees provide feedback on your Webinar for this can help you improve in areas that are needed to. It is also recommended to send a thank you email that has the recording of the video and any other links that can help them reach you.

Answer all the questions you are asked promptly and effectively and try to promote your business to ensure they will buy your product. The whole point of this Webinar marketing strategy is to have those attendees want to but the services or product you offer. To help with the attendees potentially purchasing your product or services you should offer them special discounts, reward them, sample products, etc. anything that will make them feel special and then will potentially buy your services.

Follow up After the Webina
Besides sending a thank you email to all those that attended, you should also include a survey. Some of the best practices when writing those emails is to make them short, personalized, include video link, and valuable insight. As for the survey, this will help you with the feedback and possibly improve in areas the audience disliked as there is always room for improvement. It is also important to add a “call to action” towards the end of the email. For those that registered it is also important to send them an email and in the email include a brief summary of the Webinar, as well the video link, and lastly, encourage them to attend the next one.

For a final tip, make sure even after the Webinar is over to continue to engage with the audience. Not just after the Webinar but keep following up with them, for your goal is to build strong relationships with them. Then they will turn into customers and they could start recommending you to their friends, family, co-workers, and others. Generating leads will only help you with your business. Always remember to track your performance and see how your Webinar did. Find areas where you want to improve and begin working on a plan to help you improve.

The more leads you are able to generate the bigger the chances your business will grow. Webinar marketing is designed to attract audiences that will potentially turn into customers.


Webinars are continuing to become a popular seminar that many businesses big or small are using. Every time you are planning to host a Webinar, using a Webinar marketing strategy is always a good idea. Ensure you research your topic, provide the best content, communicate it clearly, entertain your audience, and promote your Webinar in every way possible. Also, be sure to always follow up after the Webinar is over, generate all the leads possible as they will help increase your business.

Remember Webinars are a great way to showcase the service or product you offer but in order to do so, you need an audience.

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