TikTok is a growing platform with around a billion active users. Users spend a lot of time on TikTok watching videos, but some prefer to produce videos for others. There are a few ways that an average person can obtain a TikTok following. All of the people that have a larger TikTok audience gained it through various means.

1. Stay consistent with your content
TikTok viewers will return to your page for your content mainly to see more of what they followed you for. People follow the NFL TikTok to see football, and they will follow you to see more of the content that they initially found interesting on your page. Consistency is a skill that TikTok creators have to use to keep the audience they gained. Being consistent with your videos could land you in a position where your followers anticipate your videos and promote them among their peers. A few consistent accounts would include food and art accounts, an example of one of these accounts includes the cooking user samseats.

@samseats Pea & Mint Pasta 🍝 #food #tiktokfood #foodtok #tiktokfood #pasta ♬ original sound – Sam Way

2. Keep your goal in mind
Stay oriented on your views and likes count. What can be said about obtaining followers is that it is largely determined by what you put out and how people respond to it. You would want to focus less on following for right now (if you want to do it a legitimate way). The main reason for this is that both views and likes are required to assess how well your material performs. Views, Likes, Comments, Shares, Duets, and Stitches are all things you’ll need to consider.

3. Stay consistent with your schedule
Consistency can mean one of two things (or both), keeping to a specific niche and constantly promoting that niche’s content, or sticking to a posting schedule and uploading at specific times. Both would be good, and TikTok has multiple ways that its algorithm works. Therefore, posting consistent content would be essential if you want people who enjoy videos similar to yours to see it. Consistency can be obtained through good routines or a well-planned schedule. There are so many good schedule management tools out there for you to choose from. Alternatively, there is a way to automatically post TikTok videos at a specific time. Making a series of videos to entice viewers to return to your channel for additional content is also a great way to boost your page. One great tool that you can use is called later.com. This tool is great, because it will allow you to stay on schedule with your TikTok posts and all of your other social media platforms. Also, many times people get stuck on trying to figure what to post about. Here you can find a really nice social media infographic to help get you jump started.

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4. Make it interesting
A lot of times when a trend appears on TikTok, videos will attempt to put a new spin on it. A great way of gaining followers is putting an unexpected and smart twist on a trend that is currently being used by others. This will make your content stand out from the rest, and seeing something fresh once in a while will certainly gain some followers. There are so many ways you can switch up your content like:
● Mixing trends together
● Adding a new song or changing a major part of the trend
● Making things unexpected

5. Post Content That Is High in Volume and Easy To Rank For
A great tool for this is semrush.com. You can sign up for a free trial with them and take advantage of this powerful tool. Once you sign up, you can go to the “Keyword Magic” tool. Here you’ll want to type a seed keyword. For example, let’s say your channel is about fitness. This means your seed keyword could be “fitness”, “exercise”, “work out”, etc. Next, you’ll want to click on the tab that says “Questions”. This will let you know what are the most common questions around the seed keyword you chose. In this example, let’s go with the seed keyword “Fitness”. Once you get your search. results, then you’ll want to see what questions get plenty of searches but are easy to rank for. In this particular example, we can see that “a fit philosophy healthy gluten free easy recipes” has 3600 searches per month and is easy to rank for. This means that you have a higher probability of showing up on this topic, because few people online have content on this topic and there is enough search volume to get new followers. Posting content that people search for and is low in competition will give you a strong foundation to get more TikTok followers

niche keywords
niche keywords selection
6. Keep your viewers interested
Make your content enticing to viewers. It is possible to perform a variety of things to create intriguing content, but it boils down to content that people want to see. Your videos should always have the motive to have as many people see them. These can involve having an interesting hook for your content or making your videos short and impactful. What you can do to find content like this is to look for inspiration from other creators in your niche. A Youtuber by the name of Jack Gordon did an experiment on how the TikTok algorithm works, he found that the best thing to do to get traction is being interesting enough for people.

6. Keep your viewers interested
Make your content enticing to viewers. It is possible to perform a variety of things to create intriguing content, but it boils down to content that people want to see. Your videos should always have the motive to have as many people see them. These can involve having an interesting hook for your content or making your videos short and impactful. What you can do to find content like this is to look for inspiration from other creators in your niche. A Youtuber by the name of Jack Gordon did an experiment on how the TikTok algorithm works, he found that the best thing to do to get traction is being interesting enough for people.
Successful business people looking at woman
7. Let people know
Many of the ways that people get TikTok views is how they make videos that provide information. Usually, this goes over the genres of “fun facts” and “life hacks”. The reason why people go to these accounts and follow them is that the content is simple and easy to digest, while also being interesting enough to keep going.

● Give fun informational content that makes the user want more
● Use something that relates to your audience
● Make sure you give the audience a reason to watch

PERSONALITY sketch on notebook
8. Give your content a unique personality
A lot of famous TikTok users have something to offer to the platform whether that be their comedic input or their favorable personality. What people want to see is not only a video, but they want a person with emotions behind them. You should not only show some personality, but you should also do it to connect yourself and your viewers.

If a TikTok account has a face attached, it’s really good practice to give your videos a personal style to them. This would make your viewers interested in more of your content just by how they offer something special.

Stick to a specific personality. This will make your videos much more consistent, as they would get familiar with your content and how you act most of the time. A lot of the personality your followers will see will likely be based on the one you show the most.

9. Do TikTok Duets
TikTok is a very social platform. Duets and other communal activities are a great tool for widening your audience. Not only will you be featuring others in your content, but the outside help could bring in audiences from other communities and accounts. Making friends and socializing around the app will gain you, followers.

Duets and stitches are wonderful ways of collaboration, and a lot of people keep duets and stitches available for everyone to perform, allowing you to add to anybody’s content with your input. Creators usually check who uses their videos for duets or stitches, so sometimes they may even react to your content. Just go to a video, tap Share, and hit the duet button.

Multiethnic Group of Friends Looking at Mobile Phone
10. 10. Collaborate with Other TikTok Creators
Get friends to help you create content or find some on the platform. Many people collaborate with others they know because it’s much easier than finding someone on TikTok. These people can give you ideas, increase the number of views on your videos by appearing in them and letting their followers see them, or tell you what you need to improve on.

11. Use hashtags often
Using hashtags at certain times can certainly boost your chances of reaching more people and getting more followers. The top 3 tags on TikTok are #fyp, #tiktok, and #foryoupage. Some tags get a lot of attention, so your account could get many more followers that way.

12. Get Specific with Your Tags
Specific tags could get your content a huge boost. If your content is about cooking, put the “#cooking” tag. It’s very self-explanatory. Using tags like this would attract the people that follow that tag and people who enjoy content from that tag. A good example is artists use art-related tags like “#art” to get their content out to other artists and people who like that content.
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13. Use branded hashtags
Branded hashtags will be greatly beneficial to you. TikTok includes several paid and sponsored hashtags that will greatly increase the odds of your video being seen by others. Many branded hashtags are challenges that challenge creators to do something, but a lot of users use the tags anyway without the challenge.

14. Use pinned posts
Use your pinned posts to display your best works. The best thing to do is use your pinned posts to show the videos that got you the most views or likes. This will show others the content that most people like from you, and it shows off what you are proud of the most. The pinned posts should have at least something that every viewer of your channel should see.

15. Watch Your Share Count
Always watch the number of shares that you get. Being able to understand what gets more shares can mean a lot for your account. The more shares you get; the higher chance it is that people with who it’s shared follow your account as well. This should mean that you should also care about getting your followers to share more, whether that comes from specific content or by asking your audience to share. What you would need to do for this is to go to the analytics in TikTok’s settings.

16. Make your own trends
You should even try to make your own trend. If your trend takes off, many of the people who use your trend will mention or tag you in their videos. It would be even better if you make your own tag for it, so more of these people find the content easier. Making something like your own trend is somewhat hard and it may take some time to get going. A popular material that you may include in your TikTok, such as shows or movies, are good examples of trends that can be started.

cybersport gamer have live stream
17. Livestreaming
Go live! A whole other side of TikTok is opened through live streaming. Using TikTok live, many people see these streams just by hitting the “LIVE” button set on the top left corner of the video feed. Lives can provide many functions; donations, live chat, and followers that can interact with you on another level. These live streams can be mainly whatever people would want. The only thing about live streaming is you need over a thousand followers. The best thing to do is post a video before going live.
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18. Keep Video Downloads On Your TikTok
A lot of your followers may come from outside sources. You should keep downloads on so people can share your content. If people in your community enjoy your content, they can download your video with your username as a watermark. If people post these videos outside of your space (like on Instagram or other social media), they can gain traction there and have viewers look for your account for more of your videos.

19. Use A Computer to Make TikTok Videos
Using TikTok on a computer is a valid way of making videos. Using video editing software through the computer has many more opportunities and openings to get more followers. Not only can you edit faster, but you can also edit videos better and at a higher quality than a mobile phone. There are also many different editors on a computer rather than on a phone. You may now upload a lot more thanks to how you can use computer records.

20. Promote Your Tik Videos
Promoting your TikTok will get many people to flock to it, specifically promoting it on other social media. If you use promotions on other accounts, it can give you extra followers through it. Depending on how popular the person who is promoting you is, there is a chance that you can get a definite large amount of followers because of it. In that situation, it’s like an ad but more personal; you get an account that wants to promote you for free or for a sum of money, then they post something to get you on their account. Places like this can be Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. You can also use TikTok’s promote tool

21. TikTok Slideshows
Use slideshows, a somewhat new TikTok feature that allows multiple images to be inside of a single TikTok Slideshow. A lot of interesting things have been made with it so far. This feature gives much more opportunities to interact with your content (that isn’t live content). This can be used to make sure that the people that see your content are stopping and interacting with it. Slideshows can vary; various art pieces, pictures, or even just a compilation of something.

Diverse People in a Circle with Community Concept
22. Interact with your community
Reaching out to your viewers is a great way to grow followers. Sometimes replying to comments through videos gives your followers more interaction, and many love that connection with the creator.

23. Know your audience
Having a good relationship with your audience lets you know who the majority is, and what they enjoy about your content. Communication is key when it comes to figuring out what gets you, followers. A good example of this is simple criticism and compliments. Knowing what your audience does and doesn’t like is important because this lets you know what will get you the most views.

24. Stay Positive
Understandably being positive to your followers will give you many benefits. Positivity on social media gives influencers and companies a bigger chance of their followers coming back to see the content they put out. What’s even better is that followers are more likely to share their content with people they know.

25. Use popular audios
This goes hand in hand with the hashtags, popular audios that are trending could give you a great boost. Many people will look for specific videos with a filter or audio. Generally, the “for you page” should certainly show some of them that are trending. What you can do is simply look up the most popular audios, a good resource is Tokboard, a free site that ranks audios by popularity weekly and monthly. You can always lower the volume of the audio to get the popularity of the audio without it playing in the video.

Man Editing Digital Audio on a Computer
26. Use or make custom audios
Making your audio is easy, just make your video, and then on the bottom right corner, it should allow your audio to be made public. People can then use your audio on their videos. This could get your content recognized as people who search for the audio will be shown the original first.

27. Use TikTok Filters
Although it’s quite complicated to make a TikTok filter. However, you can use many of the other filters that talented people make. A lot of these filters also come with some sort of trend or challenge. A lot of filters are not used by many people, and some are extremely popular depending on the usage. You can use whatever suits your content at the time.

28. Use other platforms and apps
Having trouble on TikTok might mean that you should try and build a following on other platforms. A great platform to try is something like Instagram. If you do well there, you can shift to TikTok and have a portion follow you back to TikTok.

29. Create A Complete Bio
Other platforms can also add to TikTok. Adding links to your bio on TikTok can attract others to different sites. It is suggested that you use a social media landing page like Linktree, so if your viewers want more content, it is accessible that way.

30. Download a video editor
Using different apps to edit your TikTok videos can significantly enhance your video quality, video editing software on a mobile device ranges in various features, one, in particular, is CapCut; a software that allows for extra control over what your videos look like.

31. Stay Away from Bots
Using bots on TikTok is bad for multiple reasons, mainly because it usually never turns out well. Bots will indeed get your follower account up but all of them aren’t real people. Your videos will look suspicious due to the high follow count compared to views and likes. These bot services usually also require money to use. accounts with a lot of bot followers won’t be eligible for verification “blue checkmark”, so if you plan to grow, this option is less than ideal.

32. Avoid negative attention
Gaining the attention of peers and viewers through negative means may be the worst form of attention. This will spawn an array of problems, from many disliking you, to people unfollowing you because of your antics. What can be said is much negative attention does give popularity, but that popularity comes at a major cost to your image.

33. Learning how to take criticism
Learning how to take criticism could get you out of a lot of trouble. First, it’s good to understand constructive and destructive criticism. Why criticism is so good is that they help you improve your content in ways that make your followers happy. The inability to take criticism could mean a lot of things.

34. Check-In On yourself mentally
You must make sure that you are well mentally. There are so many things that can and will affect your life. You should always put your mental problems over social media. Not only does things like having anxiety make it harder to do things, but it is also a really difficult thing to deal with.

Going onto TikTok to gain followers may seem daunting at first, but with a bit of time and effort, you could have yourself a community of your own. Whether it be a personal account or a group-made one, you’ll now understand what you need to gain a TikTok following.


What To Do For TikTok Followers
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What To Do For TikTok Followers
TikTok is a growing platform with around a billion active users. Users spend a lot of time on TikTok watching videos, but some prefer to produce videos for others.
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