How to Get More Construction Clients

How to Get More Construction Clients

Get More Construction Clients For Your Business

To get more construction customers, you need to create a system that continually generates new clients is one of the most important steps in growing your business. This can be especially true for many contractors because once you finish a project you’ll want to keep your staff working. But how do you keep the leads coming in? There are a few things you can do to help keep these leads streaming into your business. The following 7 ways of generating construction, leads can help you get started.

Step 1) Make Sure Your Website Looks Professional

Get More Construction Clients With a Website

A professional looking website can make or break your relationship with potential clients within the first few seconds of them arriving on your construction business’s landing page. If your website is appealing to the viewer, they are more likely to spend more time on your site. This leads to them learning more about you, your company, and your abilities, and possibly hiring you for their next project. The way your website looks also influences the way customers see your business. If it is professional looking and well maintained, they will have a much more positive view of your business and have higher expectations for success. Here is a quick checklist of some of the most important elements that your website should have:

1. Do you have recent testimonials of your construction clients on your website?

When you say that your services are great, then it’s expected that you would say that. However, when you have real testimonials from actual clients that you have helped, then it will make a huge difference in the credibility of your services.

2. Is my website mobile and tablet friendly?

More than 80% of all searches done online today in the USA are being done through mobile devices.

3. Is my website secure?

Your website must have an SSL certificate, your plugins must be up to date, and you should be running the latest version of your website platform to avoid getting hacked.

4. Does my website have a call to action to gain more construction clients?

After lots of trial and error, we’ve learned that when you include a “Get Started Today” button on your website will get higher click through rates.

5. Does my website have stock photos or real pictures of my projects?

According to Backlinko, your website is likely to rank higher if it has real pictures instead of stock photo images. You should make it a habit to always take pictures of all your projects. This way your website stays fresh and reflects your actual work.

6. Does my website include my certifications?

If you are SBA certified, NUCOR certified, STAR Building System certified, or have any certifications, then these logos should be clearly displayed. This way potential customers can clearly see that you qualify for their projects.

7. Does my website load fast on mobile devices?

If your website doesn’t load under 3 to 5 seconds on mobile devices, then your bounce rate will increase and you’ll lose ranking on Google. Moreover, people will likely not want to visit your site because it takes too long to load. Here is a good tool to help you check the speed on your website To get our complete 67 web design checklist, then please call us at 559-553-5000 or contact us today.

Step 2) Make Your Business More Visible Online To Land More Construction Clients

SEO Example

Another important thing to do is to make sure your construction company is seen by more potential customers who are actively looking for your services. One of the best ways to accomplish that is to show you up on Google for keywords that show an intention to buy. For
example, a keyword like “contractor near me” is more likely to get you business versus “role of the contractor”. There are thousands of keywords that are related to the keyword contractor. You’ll want to follow the steps below to ensure you get the maximum results from your search engine optimization efforts:

1) Keyword Research

You can use tools like Google Keyword Planner to find out what keywords are being used to find people like you in your industry. Once you have a list of possible keywords, then you’ll want to filter out the keywords that don’t show an intention to buy.

2) Keyword Competition

You might be tempted to go after keywords that are in high volume. However, this can be a serious mistake, because sometimes certain keywords are so competitive that it can take years before you begin to rank for them. Therefore, it would be better for you to
rank for keywords that are less competitive and have enough search volume. You can accomplish this by going to Ubbersuggest or KWFinder. These tools will help you narrow down the keywords that have enough search volume and don’t have too much competition.

3) Keyword Focus

Now you’ll want to create a dedicated page based on your keyword. For example, if your keyword is “Kitchen Remodel Contractor”, then you’ll want to create a web page that focuses on content that focuses on the keyword “Kitchen Remodel Contractor”. This will let search engines know that your web page is a good match for that keyword. According to our own experience and many other SEO experts, it’s best to write at least 1500 words. The more in-depth and detailed you talk about your focused keyword, then the more
likely you’ll rank higher on the search engines. Google and other search engines look at what’s called “dwell time”. In other words, the longer someone stays on your website, then your web page is seen as more relevant to the searcher. Therefore, if you have enough content on your web page, then people are more likely to spend more time on that web page; as a result, this will increase your “dwell time’ and increase your overall rankings.

4) Domain Authority

Your website can have a domain authority of anywhere from 0 to 100 with 100 being the best. You can check your domain authority by going to You have a better chance of ranking for your chosen keyword if you have higher domain authority than your competitor. So, how can you increase your domain authority? The best way to increase your domain authority is by having other high authorities and relevant websites create a link that goes to your website. To accomplish this, you’ll need to create high-quality content that people will want to link to. If you can include an infographic and a video as part of your web page, then you’ll increase the chances of getting a link that goes to your website. Finally, you’ll want to reach out to any website owners and give them a reason to create a link that goes back to your website. This is a script you can use to send out to them:

Hello ____,
I noticed that you referenced an article that talked about “kitchen remodels”. I recently wrote an article about “kitchen remodels”. However, my article includes kitchen remodels that can be done under $5000 with many examples and an infographic. Here is the link to the article: of a great article.

After reaching out to many people, then you’ll be able to get them to share your article or web page on social media and On people can share your article for free as long as you can do the same for them. If you have a high-quality article or web page, then people are more likely to want to link back to you as well.

Growing Business Example
Here are some other ways to get people to link to your website:

1) Newspapers/Magazine 

You may also want to consider having your local newspaper or magazine write an article about your business. Just make sure that the newspaper or article creates a link that goes to your website.

2) Friends/Family

Ask your friends and or family members that own a website to link to yours.

3) Chamber of Commerce

Are you part of any associations? You’ll want to make sure that those associations you are a part of mention your business on their website.

4) Local Directories

If you go to, then you can run a local scan on how often your business appears in the local directories. You’ll want to make sure that the name, address, and phone number are consistent throughout all of the directories. Yext will want to charge you expensive yearly fees to fix your directories. However, we recommend that you get listed manually since many of these directories are free.
Does this entire process seem a little overwhelming? Call us today at 559-553-5000 and we’ll handle this process for you.

Believe it or not, there are thousands of keywords that people use to find your service. is to make sure you have someone on your team doing search engine optimization (SEO). Some of the best leads you’ll get will come from search engines. is a way to ensure you are getting the most out of your website’s ranking in online search results which helps gain visibility for your business. How accurate your SEO is will determine how high your site ranks on search results pages it shows upon. If your site is higher on the search results page, customers are more likely to click on your website, giving you more opportunities to gain clients.

To use SEO successfully, you need to include keywords in your text you think people looking for services like yours may be used as search terms online. Keyword text can be in the body text of your website, or the titles of your web pages. The more relevant your keywords and the more the content from your site is linked through other sites online, the higher your site will rank on the search results page. Utilizing SEO correctly is an easy way to improve your ranking in organic search results.

1. Utilize Visual Content on Your Website and Social Media To Obtain Additional Construction Customers

Eye catching Website Example

Visual content is one of the fastest ways to draw a customer’s attention in marketing, especially with a trade like construction. However, there is a limited period to grab some one’s attention. Usually, any content has about 8 seconds or less to get a viewer’s attention. A visual element can get your message across much more easily than text ever could in that short amount of time. Customers also love to see what you can do and what better way to show them your construction skills than through a picture or video of your work? Before and after pictures are a great tool for showing customers what you can do. Pictures, in general, can be a powerful tool when converting potential clients into current customers. Let them see your skills. Whether they find it on your website or social media page, if a customer can visually see for themselves what you are capable of creating, they are more likely to trust you with their current and future construction projects.

Additionally, visuals are more interesting to look at than text and can be more interactive for the viewer. People look for the details in pictures. This is why having high-quality images is so important when marketing your business online; people will move on if the detail isn’t there. Not to mention, if the image quality is not there, you cannot see all the hard work you put into your projects.

Visuals also get shared more often on social media than text-based posts do. No matter if it is an image or video, having your content shared more often online gets your social media pages or website more views, and with more people seeing your work and content, there are more potential customers at your fingertips.

2. PPC Ads for Contractors To Get More Construction Clients

PPC example

Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to get clients. However, you recently read it can be an exhausting process. We understand that you may not have time for all of that. Therefore, you may want to get on the first page of Google and other search engines by paying them. PPC ads are one of those options. PPC ads, or pay per click ads, are available through search engines. Pay per click ads works by having the business owner pay a predetermined price that is set by the business owner. If they click on your ad, then it will redirect the user to your website and you get traffic to your website. If you have a good website, then you will likely be
able to get your phone to ring to set up an estimate. The cost varies based on what keywords you are trying to rank for because you are entering a live bidding auction. Most contractors we work with pay an average of $1.50 to $5.00 per click. So, let’s say you have a budget of $500/month and your average cost per click is $3.00, then this means you can expect to get at least 166 visitors to your website. The number of clients you can generate from these 166 visitors can vary depending on the quality of your website and what systems you have in place after they call you.

3. Take Advantage of Your Social Media Pages To Maximize Outreach of Consumers

Social Media Example

Social media can be very useful in generating new construction customers. You can interact with them on a personal level and make new connections. You can connect with not only new customers but other business owners in your area as well. It can open up your business to a whole new market of customers and make it easier for more customers to find your business.

Your social media pages are an easy way for customers to get to know your business and interact with you. You can let them know what your business is all about and respond to any questions or comments customers may have. If you are willing to interact with and have conversations with customers, they will have more trust in you and your company.

Social media is a good way to connect with other local businesses that may be willing to refer customers to you if you are willing to return the favor, too. Even something as simple as a shoutout on another business’s page can give you exposure to a whole new group of customers you may not have reached otherwise.

4. Start a Referral Program To Increase Your Construction Clients

Get More Construction Clients With Referrals

Satisfied customers are one of your biggest assets when it comes to finding more construction leads, so having a referral program is a great idea. This is one of the most inexpensive ways to get more leads as well. If a customer is happy with your work, they most likely will also want to help you succeed; this is the best time for you to ask for a referral.

There are a few ways to utilize a referral system. There is always the traditional way of calling and talking to your previous clients and this can be a very successful technique but can take some time. There are other options you can take advantage of that help reduce that time. Add a referral page to your website to make it easy for your customers to refer their friends and family. You can add the link to emails as a little reminder you are always open to having your customers refer others to you.

A good way to get people motivated to refer others to you is to offer little rewards for them doing so. For the customers that refer another to you, you can do a small discount for them on either a current or future project after referring so many customers to you. For new customers, you can offer things like a free estimate or a discount on the project they are starting with you. Little things like this can go a long way in showing customers you care about and appreciate them.

5. Keep in Contact To Recieve More Construction Clients

Keeping in Contact To Get More Construction Clients

Possibly the most important part of getting and keeping customers for any business, do not forget to stay in contact with both the clients you have previously helped and any leads you receive. If you keep in contact, a customer is more likely to think of you when they require the services you provide. Keeping in contact with customers is also a way of giving your clients excellent customer service, which in itself will help you generate new clients.

There are a few good reasons to stay in touch with your customers you have completed projects for. First off, sometimes customers do need services from you again but had not gotten the chance to contact you. People get busy and things get pushed out farther then they expected. Give them a call and let them know you are there when they need you and they might end up telling you they have another construction project in mind for you already. Another thing you can do see if they have anyone that might be wanting to start a construction project you could help with. Some customers do not even think about referring you to others until they are asked.

After you do have a lead or referral, you need to be sure to contact them as well. This is a way for you to introduce yourself and to let them know you heard they may be needing help with their project. Letting a customer know you were thinking about them gives the customer more trust in you and your ability to guide them on what will be right for their needs when it comes down to getting the construction work they need completing.

By using the suggestions above to help generate leads, you will open up the doors to more projects for your business in the future and keep your customers coming back. Keep your content engaging and interactive to keep the conversation going with your customers.  Keeping the communication between business and customers will help build the trust your customers have in your company and lead to them trusting your judgment with their next construction project. But, how do you get started and make sure you get the most out of it?

By following the items mentioned above you will be able to get more construction clients. We can help you through the process. We have been helping businesses with their online marketing since 2008 and can help your business too. Give us a call at (559) 553-5000, or do a live chat with us now by clicking on the chat feature to the right.

Top 12 Mistakes Contractors Make When Selling Their Services

Top 12 Mistakes Contractors Make When Selling Their Services

Top 12 Mistakes Contractors Make When Selling Their Services

What does your top competitor have that you don’t? They likely have better sales funnel than you. You are likely missing out on many new better paying clients because you are not aware of some of the mistakes you are making in your sales funnel. If you get 100 leads, but out of those 100 leads you only convert 35 of those leads into clients. This means you likely have some leakage in your funnel. Here are some ideas that will help you plug those leaks from your sales funnel. These are mistakes contractors can make when selling their services:

1) Not Having Quality Leads Can Be a Mistake When Selling Services

I often see contractors sign up with companies that promise them leads. The problem is that many of the leads they are buying are also being shared with other contractors. Also, sometimes these leads are looking for jobs under $300. Therefore, it’s important that you first focus on creating marketing strategies that can get you quality leads. Showing up on Google for high intention to buy keywords will help you generate more quality leads. You can accomplish this by having a high-quality website and great search engine optimization. You can also sign up to create a Google ads campaign. This will allow you to only bid on keywords that are likely to convert into higher-paying clients. The key is to focus on getting the right traffic and not lots of traffic. You can use Google Ads’ Keyword planner to find the best keywords for your business.

Mistakes Contractors Make When Selling Their Services Without Leads

2) Not Answering Your Phone Is Something to Avoid When Selling Services

Congratulations! Your phone is ringing and it’s a new lead! Do you answer your phone 100% of the time? I am often shocked at how many of our clients have missed calls when we look at their Google ads report. We normally share this report with the owner of the business and the receptionist and like magic the percentage of missed phone calls dramatically decrease. It’s not uncommon to see our clients have 20% of their phone calls be missed phone calls. We understand that you are driving, with a client, or on the job site and can’t answer the phone. However, that phone call you missed could have been one of your most profitable projects. You’ll likely call them back and start playing phone tag, but by the time they answer your phone call, they are already signing a contract with your competitor.
leakage 2




3) Not Having Good Phone Skills As a Contractor Can Be a Mistake

How many of the leads that call you to turn into appointments? If you answer your phone and have a system in place that generates quality leads, then the answer should be 80% to 90% or higher. Your goal should be to set up the appointment and pre-qualify your client to see if they would be a good customer. You are more likely to set up the appointment if you focus on asking the lead more questions. This way they feel better understood. You’ll want to close the conversation with “For me to get you an accurate estimate, then I’ll need to set up a meeting with you. Are you available this week or next week? Tuesday or Friday? Morning or afternoon? Baam! You closed your appointment and didn’t lose the lead by having the prospect say, “Let me check my calendar and I’ll call you back”.

The Most Successful Contractors Use Quality Phone Skills To Sell Their Services

4) Not Confirm Your Appointments

Before heading out to your appointment you should set up your e-mail to send them a reminder the day before. You can do this by adding them to your Google calendar under “invite”. Moreover, you should always confirm the appointment over the phone. It’s not uncommon for people to say, “Oh, I forgot! Was that today?” Unfortunately, by now you’ve wasted time and gas by showing up to an appointment that could have gone to a paying client. This is an avoidable mistake contractors can make when selling services that can be solved by confirming your appointments.

Appointment Reminder

5) Not Having Compelling Proposals Is a Mistake Contractors Can Make

One of the worst things you can do is to compete based on price because there is always someone that can do it cheaper. Explain to them why you are better than your competitors, show them your portfolio, certifications, reviews, and ask plenty of questions. If you can better understand why they want something, then they are more likely to buy from you because you understand their needs and wants. One thing to also keep in mind in this step is to make sure you only take on clients that aren’t going to suck the life out of you. One bad client can sometimes drain your time, energy, and sanity. If you see many red flags, then sometimes it’s best to say no to a customer that you know will be a headache.

Not Having a Good Proposal Is a Mistake Contractors Make When Selling Their Services

6) Not Having a CRM

Do you have a system in place that documents all of your leads? We like to use bitrix24 because it offers a lot of bells and whistles for free. Sometimes you’ll have the perfect proposal for your prospect but they still won’t buy from you. It’s not you, it’s me. As a result, you must document all of your leads into a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and create a follow-up system. You are more likely to get that lead as a client because your competition won’t have the stamina to follow up on that lead that you did an estimate for 6 months ago. If you need help setting this up, then feel free to reach out and we’ll get it done for you.

Leakage 6


7) Providing Mediocre Service

Sometimes it can be tempting to cut corners when you are feeling overwhelmed and busy with many projects. However, it is critical that your customers are not just satisfied with your service. It is extremely important that they are completely satisfied, because without it, then you won’t be able to plug the leakages mentioned below.

Mediocre Service is a Mistake Contractors Can Make When Selling Their Services

8) Not Asking For Referrals Can Be a Mistake Contractors Can Make

Congratulations! You have completed a job and you did amazing. Now what? You may often assume that your customers will often refer you because you did a great job. The fact is that people are more likely to refer you to their friends or family if you ask them the direct question. “Do you know anybody that can benefit from our services? We can get you a $50 gift card for any successful referrals.” Try it! I promise you won’t regret it. You will only have to pay them $50 if their lead turns into a client.

Referral Example


9) Not Asking For Reviews

If people are spending a considerable amount of money with you, then they are likely to be reading your reviews online. Therefore, you must send a text message and e-mail to all of your completely satisfied customers with a direct link that will allow them to write a glowing review about your business. You should make it a habit to have your customers write a review as soon as you finish a project. You are more likely to get more leads if you have 33 glowing reviews versus your competition that has 5 average reviews. If you need help with this, then call us at 559-553-5000 and we’ll help you get a direct review link setup.

Asking For a 5 Star Review Isn't Mistake Contractors May Make When Selling Their Services

10) Not Cross-Selling or Up-Selling Is a Mistake Contractors Can Make

The people that are more likely to buy from you are your existing clients. Do you keep a database of your existing clients? When was the last time someone from your staff called them and said, “Hello Mr. Smith, this is ____ from ABC company, We helped you with ________ back in __________. Everything working out well? I am glad to hear that! What other home improvement projects did you have in mind? Or when was the last time you did maintenance on _____? This alone will help you generate more sales from the people that already know and trust you.

Repeat Customer Example

11) Not Documenting Your Sales Funnel Systems Is a Misstep That Contractors Can Make

Great job! You’ve been able to plug all your leaks mentioned above. However, the key to any business is to have your business run smoothly without your presence or with little involvement. We recommend that you create a Google drive folder and document all of your step by step guides. All of your checklists, scripts, resources, onboarding process, offboarding process, etc. This way your managers can easily train new employees or help your existing staff follow your systems. If you don’t document these things, then your staff will begin to default back to whatever feels easier for them. For example, they’ll probably get a phone call from a lead but do a mediocre job, because you didn’t document the script with the questions, they should be asking to qualify your leads. Moreover, you might get someone that quits and now the new person doesn’t know how to use the CRM system you had in place and you don’t have anybody that can train them. If you have video tutorials and guide on how to better work your sales funnel, then you are more likely to have your business run smoothly when you are not present. The goal is to have you make more money with less time from you. You are more likely to accomplish this if you document your systems and get your staff to buy into them.
leakage 11


12) Not Tracking and Adjusting

If you don’t win a project, then do you know why? Are you documenting the reasons why people have decided not to do business with you? Maybe your proposals weren’t itemized or maybe your competition has a nicer portfolio. Perhaps your reviews are lower than your competition. It’s important that you document this data. This way you can adjust your approach and get better results. Remember when you assume you make an ASS of U and ME. Don’t be afraid to ask the difficult question: “Mr. customer I understand you decided to not hire us for your project. I was hoping you could give us some feedback as to why you chose to not hire us.”. This data is so critical because without it you’ll never really know the best way to adjust your approach. Are you currently tracking where your leads are coming from? It’s important to track every dollar and every phone call. For example, if you spent $500 on your marketing, then how many phone calls did that generate for you. How many of those phone calls were quality leads? As digital marketers, we love to look at reports and numbers. We are obsessed with knowing what’s going to get you the best results possible. We believe in helping you get the maximum results for as little as possible. Call us today at 559-553-5000 and let us help you set up a marketing system and a stronger sales funnel that can potentially double or triple your sales.

Tracking Expenses

We hope you learned something new, but more importantly, we hope you found something that you can take action on. Remember that if the only thing we needed was more information, then we would all walk around with a nice six-pack. So, what action can you take today that can help you improve your sales funnel and stop the leakage in your business?

Best 2020 Social Media Calendar [Infographic] With Real Examples

Best 2020 Social Media Calendar [Infographic] With Real Examples

Best 2020 Social Media Calendar

Social Media Calendar

When it comes to increasing your fan base on social media, it is important to give your fans a variety and engaging content. You may already be overwhelmed with deadlines, customer calls, and employees getting your attention. We created the infographic above to help you easily create social media posts on your Social Media Calendar that offer variety and will increase engagement. Some examples of popular social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

1. Ask Your Audience a Question On Your Social Media Calendar

Why should you ask your audience a question? Social media posts will get more reach when people like, comment, or share your content. People are more likely to engage with a question and will contribute to the conversation.

2. Discount or Promotion

People are more likely to share a post if you offer a discount or promotion. Moreover, people are more likely to buy something just because it is on special, even though they don’t need it. Once they get on your website, then you can up-sell and cross-sell your other services. And, if you provide superior service to your customers, they are more likely to tell their friends about your business.

Social Media Calendar Promotion/Giveaway Example

3. Inspirational Quote

Inspirational quotes are popular on social media. The best part is, that this is the type of post that can be easily scheduled way in advance. By using free posting software like, you can schedule inspiration quotes for many months in advance. They also might like the quote and share your page with others.

Inspirational; Quote On Your Social Media Calendar

4. Share a Tip or Trick

Sharing a quick tip or trick with a link to the full story is more likely to get more engagement. People are generally in a hurry and will not have time to read your full article unless they want to know more. When you share a part of a post, rather than the full article, it will intrigue others and draw them to your page. It will increase more traffic, letting others know more about you and your products or services.

Share Some Tips Or Tricks On Your Social Media Calendar

5. Post Your Latest Blog Article

Having a blog article will allow others to respond to your thoughts and products. They can also give you their opinion, which might help you market your products or services better. Having a blog can drive traffic from your social media to your blog. Just make sure you are writing about your business or products to get the right audience.

Blog Example

Joining a Blog club can give your business more exposure, as well. When you connect with a group, you can read, share, and post your blogs and this will get the word out about your product or service.

Post your Latest Blog Example
6. Highlight a Biz-Friends Page

Working together with other businesses is a great way to increase your online reach. Through the power of reciprocity, other businesses are more likely to share your content if you have helped them out. .When working with another business, if they were to promote your business on their social media platforms, you have a good chance of gaining new customers that wouldn’t be able to reach if it were not for the other business you are working with.

Biz friendly On Your Social Media Calendar

7. Have a Fun Fact On Your Social Media Calendar

Adding a fun fact will get people to think about what you posted. People tend to keep coming back to find out what the next fun fact is by liking and re-posting the original post.

8. What you are Reading

When you share what you are reading, it gives your audience an insight into who you are on a more personal level. You can start up a conversation about the book in a post and attract others to the discussion and that can lead to more likes on your post and page. Additionally, by including #hashtags about the books you are reading, you are more likely to attract other visitors that also like the same books.

Social Media Calendar Lean start up Reading Example
9. Training

People are always looking for quality training. You can introduce new concepts, instruct them on how to train, and discuss related trends within your industry. You can show someone rather than tell them. Many times, your customers will realize they do not have the time to do it on their own and will likely hire you for the job instead. Hosting events is another way to improve yourself, your business, and the community.

Training Example
10. Industry Article

What is the latest and greatest thing that is happening in your industry? Writing an article about your industry lets people know you stay up to date with new information coming out within your industry. Moreover, it helps you become more established as an authority figure in your industry. It can also turn into more traffic and return visitors to your social media web pages.

Social Media Calendar Industry Article Example

11. A Day in the Life Post

People like doing business with people. The more relatable you can become to your audience, the more likely they will be to purchase from you. You are letting your audience take a sneak-peek behind the scenes of your daily life. Your audience will feel more connected to you. Also, if you are working on a new project or product, then this would be a great time to share your exciting news. Be careful not to act as if you are desperate for attention, just remember to always be yourself and have fun!

Social Media Calendar A Day in the life example

12. Comic or Meme

When you add a comic strip to your social media, you increase the chances of a higher click-through rate on your post. A comic strip can lighten the mood for the user scrolling through the feed of your Social Media Calendar.
Social Media Calendar comic/meme example
The meme is an element of a culture, or system of behavior, passed from one individual to another; a humorous image, video, piece of text, and so on that can be spread rapidly by social media.
See this post:

Comic/Meme Example

Comic/Meme Example
13. Share an Eye-Catching photo

An eye-catching photo will gain more attention for your site than anything else. People can relate to images. They can inspire, show details about your product or service, and can inform them about who you are. A photo can tell a story and give depth to what you can do for your customer.

Eye Catching Photo Example

14. Highlight a New Product or Service

Social media is a great way to highlight a new product or service. You can reach more people, get reviews, share your photos and stories, and eventually have more people buy your product or service. You can let your audience know what to expect and to have them give feedback on your product or service. A sneak peek into something new.

Highlight a New Product or service example

15. Holiday Photo Post

A holiday photo is a good way to show what seasonal items everyone is talking about and has to have. Also, showing events that your company is having, shows your culture and sensitivity to your employees that work for your company and is a great way to spread awareness. Furthermore, this type of post can easily be scheduled in advance to show on future holidays on your Social Media Calendar.

Social Media Calendar Holiday Photo

Holiday Photo Example

16. Share an Interesting Statistic

There are people like us that love numbers. If you can put that data on a timeline, then it will likely get more shares. This allows your post to get more exposure because it’s more interactive for the viewer.

17. This or that Question

Asking random questions might seem like a weird thing to do, but this can get the reader to think about the subject, and possibly ask someone on their friend’s list about it. Share the question, which will link back to your social media page, and it will likely have more likes and responses. Having a this-or-that question is a fun way to support your product or services or community.

18. Infographic

Infographics are a great way to show a collection of imagery, charts, and text that is easy to read. The purpose of an infographic is to tell a story and make it relevant to your business. You need to make sure that you use accurate data, the right color scheme, the appropriate fonts, and keep it simple.

Infographic Example

Infographic Example

19. Long post or story

Sharing a long post or a story on your social media calendar can be a great way to show others what you are thinking. But, you need to keep the topic interesting, or the reader will not read the whole thing and will go on to another post. If you find a way to lure the reader in and keep it interesting, they will most likely read the entire article and even might share the story. It can also be a video. You just need to keep things interesting to keep the viewer engaged.

Long Post Example

20. Recommend a helpful tool or tip

When you interact with your audience by having a conversation about your brand, product, or service, your audience will be more engaged. This investment will make them more likely to shop at your place of business or web page.

21. Share a Free Resource

When it comes to free items, whether it is a CD or food, most people want to join in to get whatever it may be. You can promote your products or services by offering free items. Make it a contest by saying “like my page” and pick a person at random.

Free Resource

22. A Weekly Roundup of Interesting Articles

Update your feed with things you and your company are interested in. Something to do with health, new technologies, or something related to your product or service would be a good place to start. It can also be an interesting video of what is going on with your company.

Weekly Roundup


23. Contest or Giveaway

Contests or giveaways can be a good way to start a conversation about the product or service that you offer. Doing this can start up more buzz around your brand. Try to be creative and come up with something that others have not thought about doing in the same way, and people will be talking about you and your site.

Contest or Giveaway Example

Contest or Giveaway Example

24. Share a Fan Photo

Sharing a fan’s photo or testimonial will give your site more credibility. Also, if you can add some rewards in the area you live in or to others on your social media, such as gong to graduations, ball games, or any other large event, you can expand your follower base to keep them coming back time after time to see your newest posts.

Fan Photo Example

25. Breaking News

Posting a breaking news story is becoming the main source of the news online and on social media today. When you post a breaking news story, more people will see the post, and that can be helpful for your site. Just be careful about what you post. You do not want to get bad feedback on your social media site. Try to keep the site positive.

Breaking News Example

26. In Case you Missed it

No one wants to miss out on a good post, and sometimes you need to re-post your social media post for those who did not see it the first time. If you are going to point someone in the right direction of something interesting or enlightening more than once, you can let them know by telling them, “in case you missed it.”

In case you missed it example

27. Behind the Scenes Photo

Images of employees and business owners can enhance your business because most people like to see the face of who is running the company. And, this does not have to be all business-related. Showing pictures of everyday life can help customers bond with you.
You can even show photos of assembling products or preparing for lunch with your employees. Spotlighting your employees will show credibility, and your audience will feel like they are part of the team.

Behind the Scenes Example

28. Product Pictures

Taking beautiful and interesting product pictures can promote your product or service on social media. You are getting yourself out there, and that is what it is all about.

Product Pictures Example

29. Thank Your Fans

When you use the words “thank you,” it is not just polite to say, it can also build stronger relationships with your current and potential customers. Saying “Thank You” can build trust and loyalty in your social media. Having your photo or just a nice picture to show will give out the right tone.

Social Media Calendar Google High Impact Partner Thank Your Fans Example

Thank Your Fans Example
30. Create a Poll

When you create a poll, you get a lot of feedback and different opinions of a population by asking a series of questions on what people like and do not like about a certain topic. This can help you find out who your audience is.

Create a Poll Example

31. Funny Joke or Picture

Who doesn’t want to laugh and have a good time? When you post a funny image or a good joke, you can get others engaged and make them feel at home. Just stay away from things that can backfire. Posting about others, politics, religion, or what is going on in the world today can lead to more trouble and is not worth it. You want to keep your best side showing at all times to grow your business.

Comedic Photo Example

Comedic Photo Example

So, what is next for you?
Social media is the way of the future; it is growing at a faster rate than the market industry can keep up with. With all the updates, social trends, and new cutting-edge features, it can be overwhelming. Social media is essential and critical for any business of today. We can track what people are buying, selling, and talking about to give the customer what they are looking for and need. Posting something on your social media site every day can and will increase your traffic, which will lead to more people looking at your product or service. Do you need help with your social media advertising? Call us today at 559-553-5000 to get a customized strategy for your business.

Other References,on%20who%20you’re%20targeting.

52 Effective Social Media Post Ideas and Examples to Fill Your Calendar

5 Key Elements of a Successful Infographic

Top 10 Productivity Tips For 2020

Top 10 Productivity Tips For 2020

Productivity Tips

Productivity is the state or quality of producing an item. When running your own business, the most important daily goal an entrepreneur can have is to utilize as much time during the day to be as productive as possible. Here are 10 simple productivity tips that will give any business owner an increase in productivity as well as efficiency.

1. Create Clarity With Purpose Driven Goals

Create a clear sense of purpose for you to avoid procrastination. Many times, it can be a direct result of not having a clear concise goal. Establishing tangible targets and deadlines that allow you to be focused on your overall goal eliminates room for procrastination. Instead of thinking about what needs to be done next, you can fully immerse yourself on your next task once one has been completed. One of my mentors once said that 80 percent of your results will come from why you want to do something versus how to do something. It can be easy to do a mediocre job when your why isn’t strong enough. Make sure your purpose is strong and clear. Productivity Tips / Goals rural road

2. Work SMARTer and Not Harder

Another hack one can use to stay productive within their business is to always make SMART goals. Remembering this acronym can help an entrepreneur stay productive within their business.

  • Specific – Make sure your goals are specific and designed around your objective.
  • Meaningful – Reflect on your goals can ensure that each decision being made is meaningful and is aligned with what you define as important.
  • Action Oriented – Create a course of action for your goals.
  • Realistic/Responsible – Make your goals reasonable within your capabilities.
  • Time-Bound – Create deadlines and time frames for each of your goals.

Following these guidelines to achieve your goals will help you stay on track and make sure their establishment is being as productive as possible. For example, let’s analyze the importance of being specific with your goals. Let’s say your goal is to be rich, then what does that mean exactly? $1? $1 million? $25,000 in residual income? When do you want to achieve this goal? 1 year? 10 years? 100 years? Many new business owners I speak with have a general idea of what they want, but rarely do I meet anybody that has SMART goals. On the other hand, when I meet successful business owners, they can give you specific details of their SMART goals. Productivity Tips Work Smarter, Not Harder

3. Parkinson’s Law

Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion. Parkinson’s Law essentially means work fits into the time in which we give it. If we do not have defined deadlines for goals and objectives, our workload will continue to expand until our final completion deadline. It is important to create “Bright Line Deadlines”, deadlines that are adhered to prior to the completion date. This will not only eliminate procrastination but also allow for the project to fit into the time allotted. If your deadline is within one month, then make it your goal to complete the task within three weeks. You can always count on the unexpected; therefore, it’s always a good idea to try and give yourself a shorter deadline. This way you are not stressing out as you approach your deadline.

4. Focus On Non-Urgent Important Tasks

What is important is seldom urgent and what is urgent is seldom important. Important tasks directly contribute to the success of your long term goal. Urgent tasks need to be taken care of immediately but do not necessarily contribute to your overall goal. Finding a balance between an important task and urgent task will create a system that determines the efficient amount of time you need to spend dealing with both. Establishing this balance will train you to deal with unforeseen occurrences in a calm and collective way as opposed to being reactionary. There are dozens of things that are demanding our attention. Unexpected favors from friends and family, spam e-mail, notifications from social media, telemarketers, and that thing you were supposed to get done last week. Many of these distractions keep us away from the things that will have the biggest impact on our lives. We rarely seem to have enough time to complete a tutorial, read a book, have a morning meeting, go to the gym, or properly train our team. According to Stephen Covey, the author of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, we are more likely to get better results if we can focus on tasks that are not urgent but important.

5. Give Up On Multi-Tasking

Research has shown that bouncing from activity to activity not only causes stress but doesn’t allow the entrepreneur to give their all when starting each task. Productivity routines are a much more efficient way to handle your daily task. Identify what the most important actions are that need to be worked on daily. Schedule specific times during the day to complete these tasks. Putting an end to multitasking may be difficult in the beginning, but this will bring a significant difference in the level of productivity to your establishment. One of my mentors once said, “Energy flows where focus goes.” If you want to feel like you have accomplished something today, then focus on completing one task at a time. It is often better to have 100 percent of one task complete, then to have one percent of 100 tasks complete.

6. Turn Off Notifications

You may be reading this and believe it is a crazy idea, but yes. Please turn off your notifications. Having too many distractions such as notifications will have you focusing on other people’s agendas as opposed to your own. For example, the goal of social media is to keep you on their platform as long as possible, because it makes them more profitable. Therefore, they are going to consistently show you the most engaging content based on your clicks and browsing history. In fact, according to, we have been spending more and more time on social media every year. As of this writing, the average social media users spend an average of 135 minutes on social media. Productivity Tips Turn Off Notifications

7. Unsubscribe Regularly

Schedule at least 10 minutes of time to read emails and unsubscribe to useless emails. The general rule of thumb for email subscriptions is if you haven’t benefited from the source after two weeks, then unsubscribe. These emails are filled with agendas that don’t necessarily benefit you. They will normally consume too much of your time and reduce your productivity level. Productivity Tips to Useless Emails

8. Build Motivation To Stay On Track

Understand what causes you to become unmotivated and less productive. More importantly, understand what motivates you. One suggestion would be to start a contract with yourself. Set deadlines and goals and real consequences if you do not meet them. Get the courage to tell other people your goals. This way your peers can hold you accountable for your goals. This will add an additional incentive to staying motivated. Also, change your posture. Anthony Robbins, the author of Awaken the Giant from Within says that our positive physiology is a key ingredient to breaking any negative patterns. The way we carry ourselves can affect our level of motivation. Sit up straight. Speak clearly. Speak aloud. This may seem like a simple and awkward task at first, but it will result in a significant difference in your motivation. If you are motivated and energized you will have an increase in your productivity. person wants to reach target

9. Set Boundaries and Stick To Them

It is extremely important to set forth boundaries for yourself as well as your goals. The first boundary you can set and follow through on can be your working hours. Many people start their day by reading emails immediately after waking up. This does not result in getting more accomplished or getting a head start on any task. If you set forth a standard work schedule ahead of time, you allow yourself to stay organized and to follow through with all major decisions. You should also establish a work area if working from home.

10. Build A Road Map To Success

It would be impossible for you to master all of the information given to increase productivity, but if you can implement these suggestions into a system that is unique to you, then you will notice a large increase in productivity. Some businesses may need to focus on boundaries and motivation while others may need to understand the disadvantages of multitasking. The important thing is to understand who you and your company are and take action on what you need to work on. We are told that knowledge is power; however, that is far from the truth. Knowledge is only potential power. It’s time to act right now! Even if it’s a small action that can lead you in the correct direction. So what action can you take right now that will help you become more productive? business partner working together

11. Bonus Tip

Follow the 4 Ds of efficiency.

  • Delete – If it’s not important, then delete it
  • Defer – If it’s not urgent, defer to complete it later.
  • Delegate – If someone else can do it, then hire someone to do it for you. For example, you can hire someone to help you with your website, graphics, bookkeeping, or marketing. You can get more accomplished by hiring the experts to do the job for you
  • Do – If nobody else can do it, then train someone. However, if nobody can do it right now, then you have no choice but to do it yourself, but this should be your last option. Written by Darren James

Best 21 Free Online Marketing and Sales Tools For Your Website 2020

Best 21 Free Online Marketing and Sales Tools For Your Website 2020

Online Marketing Tools

Need help getting more qualified traffic to your website? After years of research, trial, and error we are proud to present you with what we believe are the top 21 free online tools that will give your online marketing and sales a massive competitive advantage. Below is a 7 step free online marketing process that we recommend you use to help maximize your online marketing and sales for your business.

online marketing tools 7 step process graphic

If you are numbers, reports, and graphs person like us, then you are going to love this blog post. We have broken down all of these free tools into the following categories:

⦁ Keyword Research
   ⦁ Answer The Public
   ⦁ Ubbersuggest
   ⦁ Google Trends
   ⦁ Google Keyword Planner
   ⦁ Keyword Tool
   ⦁ Keywords Everywhere
⦁ Content Marketing
  ⦁ Portent
  ⦁ Buzzsumo
⦁ Technical SEO Tools
  ⦁ GTMetrix
  ⦁ SEOptimer
  ⦁ SEO Yoast
⦁ Link Building
  ⦁ Ahrefs
⦁ Social Media
  ⦁ Viral Content Bee
  ⦁ Later
  ⦁ Tweetdeck
⦁ Sales Tools
  ⦁ Drift
  ⦁ Bitrix 24
⦁ Rank Tracking
  ⦁ Google Analytics
  ⦁ Google Webmaster Tools
  ⦁ Google Tag Manager
  ⦁ Spyfu

Everybody wants to be on the first page of Google and get more traffic from social media. As a result, you want to give yourself every possible advantage to beat your competition. Are you ready to get started?

Online Marketing tools Step one Step one Keyword Research

The tools that you will find in this category will allow you to find the best keywords for your website. You must find keywords that have low competition and high searches. These are some of the best free tools we found for you:

Answer the Public

Answer the public tool is very useful when trying to find out what people are trying to look for in the search results when using the internet. When using it you just type in your desired keyword or phrase. This way you can get an insight as to what your customers might be searching for. It will also give any type of question that people search for regularly.

Free Online Marketing Tools Answer the public results

You want to pay close attention to the keywords that indicate an intention to buy. It is better to have 100 visitors and have 10 purchases your product or service rather than 1 million visitors and nobody purchases your product or service.

But I want to know more data

This tool does not let you know how many people are searching for this particular keyword or how much competition there is. This is where the next tool comes in handy.


This is one of my favorite free SEO tools out there right now. It gives you lots of data for free such as search volume, SEO difficulty, paid difficulty, cost per click, historical data, and even the age groups that are searching for a particular keyword.

Ubersuggest keyword overview

Ubersuggest gives you a chart of how many mobile and desktop searches for the word you type in the search bar to see how many people are interested in searching it.

Ubersuggest Keyword overview list

Afterward, it gives you all the key terms that people search along with the word you had typed in. If you want to unlock more features, then they will want you to sign up for an account. These suggestions are great if you already wanted to cover a certain topic, it helps you if you’re not good at brainstorming a completely new keyword word and content ideas. That is because these keywords are closely on the seed keyword you have entered on the Ubersuggest home screen. Finally, it gives you some trends to review, but if you want to get more details about the trends, then you are going to love the next tool.

Want To See More Details?

Google Trends

By analyzing the trends of your industry, then you can make better business decisions. For example, in the graph below we can see that “Pool Service” searches hit an all-time high during June.

Google Trends results

Are you thinking of opening a new business, product, or service? It would be important to check if the product or service is going up or down. The last thing you want is to invest a lot of money and time into something that might eventually become obsolete. Moreover, are you still advertising with the yellow pages? You might want to re-think your strategy after looking at the graph below.

Follow The Trends And Ride That Wave

Google Trends graph of interest over time

Google Trends is an online tool that helps users visualize and discover trends. Google Trends later uses Google search, Google News, Google Images, Google Shopping, and YouTube. The data can then be visualized by Google. This way you can analyze the queries of up to 5 different searches at the same time, enabling you to conduct analyses and comparative research.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is a free tool for new or experienced advertisers that shows you data historical data, mobile vs desktop, paid search competition, keyword suggestions, and much more.

Google keyword search volume results

Optimize For High Intent To “Let Me Buy It” Keywords

Here it shows a record of the data that shows how many people have searched. Just because people search for something doesn’t mean people will buy from you. You want to pay special attention to keyword phrases like “buy”, “near me”, “hire”, “company”, and more. Some of the tools mentioned above will limit the number of keyword ideas. However, here it will give you a more comprehensive list of the keywords related to your category.

Google Keyword monthly search volume results

Here in Google Keyword Planner, it shows the average of monthly searches that people have done. The only limitations are that unless you have a paid account, it won’t let you look at the raw numbers. Instead, it will give you ranges such as 10K – 100K. However, you can sign up for a paid account and put an extremely low budget. This way you can get access to the tools. What if you want to know the data from other major search engines or websites? This is where keyword comes in.


Keyword results

Keyword is another SEO tool that is similar to other SEO tools but different because it also shows you what people search on other sites such as Amazon, Playstore, Twitter, Bing, and Instagram. This keyword SEO tool also shows you how much competition there is for a particular keyword. It ranks the keyword from the top being the most searched, bottom being the least searched.

Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is another similar SEO tool to keyword when it searches different keywords.

Google chrome keywords everywhere extension

Keyword Research For People In A Hurry

The only difference between keywords everywhere and other SEO tools is that keywords everywhere are an extension of chrome that means you research keywords without leaving your search. This saves time from clicking back and forth just to look for related keywords. Also, it gives you the monthly searches for any keyword you might type in the search bar. This helps you take away any unnecessary steps when researching keywords for your website. The only drawback is that you will be limited to so many searches after you use the tool for a while. Eventually, they will want you to purchase some credits.


Online Marketing Tools Step two Content Creation


Portent is a free title generator that can make a catchy and interesting title so that engine search users will be interested in clicking on your site. This could be helpful for you because if you’re terrible on brainstorming new titles that don’t sound interesting inturn people won’t take the chance to click. If you are barely beginning to write a blog and need a quick way to get a title for your blog. It’ll give you the reason for each section why every part is used in the title. You may want to run some A/B testing and test out two headlines to see which headlines get more clicks. Just ask your friends to form social media and watch the comments roll in.

Potents title results


So you have awesome keywords with high searches and low competition, but what content should your website have?

Give them what they want and they will click

with Buzzsumo you can type any keyword or phrase and it will show you some of the most shared content on the web. This will give you an idea of what kind of content to write for your website. Stop trying to write content that nobody cares about and use this tool to brainstorm on the best content to write for your website. This way you can maximize your traffic. Without Buzzsumo you could spend days searching the internet for the information about your competitor, but just by entering your search preferences and criteria into the tool’s input, Buzzsumo analyzes the online content for you and finds the pieces that will work the best for your marketing strategy. Buzzsumo is also connected to Twitter to see who is spreading your competitor’s content to see an influencer that can share your content for better traffic for your website.

Buzzsumo results


So now you have great keywords, a well-written article, but is your site fast enough or will people want to leave because it takes forever to load? GTmetrix is an online tool to get a more detailed report of how your website’s performance by giving your site a grade on little details about your website. GTMertix performance results

One of the advantages of using the GTmatrix WordPress plugin allows you to run analyses right from your WordPress dashboard. This tool can help anyone to better their site by seeing what is missings by looking at each grade for a certain topic to enhance their websites. GTMetrix is different from other online tools by locating where it operates its test server region. This determines how fast it’ll load your website. The hardware that GTMetrix uses also describes how’ll it will perform the analyses. The hardware that GTMetix uses is HTTP/2 which loads a lot faster than the tools from other competitors that still use the hardware’s outdated version HTTP /1.1. This is a benefit that GTMetrix has against other tools that give detailed reports on the website’s performance.

Online Marketing Tools Step three Technical SEO Tools


Your website is now fast, but is it optimized for the search engines?

SEOptimer Results

SEOptimer is a website audit and reporting tool that can comprehensively review a website and give a grade based on how fast a page loads, mobile usability, presence on social media, and its security. We use SEOptimer to help you improve your website for potential customers. It gives several recommended improvements that you can do to better the performance of your website.

SEOptimer Tips

For example, If your social media needs some improving it’ll give a list of what you do have and what you need to add. Social media is an important place that you need to have a presence on especially in today’s world where customers are heavily influenced by it when making purchasing decisions. SEOoptimer will check if you’re connected with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube when grading your website for the presence of it.

But is it enough?

SEO Yoast

No, in this competitive world it’s not enough to do a simple audit. This is where SEO Yoast comes in. It’s one of the most downloaded WordPress plugins. It’s a great plugin that anyone can use to make sure their website meets the highest technical SEO standards. SEO Yoast is helpful to those who aren’t good at technical SEO by guiding you step by to use technical SEO the right way. Yoast is a great plugin but it still requires you to create good content. This way your website’s ranking on the search results will be very great.

SEO Yoast Analysis Results

Yoast gives a detailed analysis based on the problem that you might have on yours.

Red = Problems that must be fixed

Orange = Strong suggestions to improve your SEO

Green = Congrats you did a good job

Pretty easy so far, but this is where it starts to get tuff

Online Marketing Tools Step four Link Building


Getting quality backlinks from other websites is one of the most influential factors to your online rankings and the most difficult to achieve in our opinion. However, Ahrefs is an amazing free tool that can help you get started on this competitive journey. Below is a very simplistic explanation of how backlinks work and how they affect the overall domain authority of each website.

Page Ranks- Example


A backlink is a link that is on a website that navigates to another and Ahrefs is a website tool that checks another website for those backlinks. You want to get as many high-quality backlinks from authoritative sites as possible. This way you can have a higher domain authority for your website. Your domain authority can vary from 0 – 100. It’s exponentially more difficult to go up a level so don’t worry if you feel stuck at a particular level.

Backlink Profile for

It is still important to perform a backlink check on a website to see if the search engine user does follow them by clicking them. You will want to check the link to see if it’s coming from a spam website because it can hurt your overall SEO. What’s great about Ahref’s free backlink checker is that you can also review your competitor’s backlinks. This means that you can potentially try to duplicate the same backlink by writing a better article than your competition and requesting a backlink from that website owner.

So what’s next? Promote! Promote! Promote!

Online Marketing tools Step five Social Media Promotion

Viral Content Bee

Viral Content Bee is a free website and an excellent online marketing tool that allows the user to put their content on social media for people to see and also share. This helps you spread the word about your websites to get more traffic. It’s better if an influencer happens to share your content because they have more followers and it will get your blog articles more exposure.

List of Projects from ViralContentBee

It’s easy to use for even for beginners that want to grow their traffic. Viral Content Bee also allows you to manage your content whenever you want.

Online Marketing ViralContentBee Example

You can choose to purchase credits or you can share other people’s content for credits. It’s kinda like saying

You scratch my back and I’ll scratch your back.

You can use the filter settings to see which categories you would like to share to earn credits.


Later is a social media scheduling app that was first developed for Instagram but later was implemented in other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Later helps you save a lot of time doing other things by scheduling a week in probably an hour rather than 30 minutes every day.

Post from Later

Even though Later works with other social media platforms its better suited for Instagram when it comes to using stories. Later could also be visually appealing when scheduling posts ahead of time because it is important when trying to gain more followers.

Later Calendar

Are you going on vacation? No problem! Schedule your posts and promote your articles far into the future and let the app handle the rest.


Tweetdeck is a tool that permits you to oversee and sort out a boundless number of Twitter accounts, searches, hashtags and the sky is the limit from there. Tweetdeck is completely different from other social medial managers because it is a free tool to use which means that you can focus more on reaching your target audience.

Tweetdeck Homepage

Tweetdeck users can tweet, answer, retweet, favorite, send direct messages, oversee, monitor multiple accounts, and streams all in one user’s interface. The ability to use multiple tasks can help you receive more clicks or potential customers to view your website if they show interest.

Online Marketing tools Step six - Sales Tools

Drift Chat

Congratulations! You are getting visitors! But did they buy it?

The fact is that anywhere from 1 to 3 % of your website visitors will wind up buying something from your website. We now live in a world where people want instant answers. As a result, you are more likely to capture the sale or lead if you can answer their question right on the spot.
The Drift chat tool is a pop-up chat box that appears on your website and asks the visitor a question. This helps your website by giving your potential customers more opportunities to interact with you. Here is your opportunity to book the appointment or capture the sale. You must respond within 5 seconds or they will leave.

Drift chat active

The drift chat helps potential customer that doesn’t want to make a call yet but also have questions about your product or service. Drift takes it to a whole another level by allowing you to also create a playbook that makes it seem like a real person is answering the potential customer’s question. The reason is that you can change the message in context to the customer based on contact data and contextual actions via the website. Drift is optimized for almost any possible scenario that could lead to bad user experience. Also, if no one from your team responds to customer’s questions within a minute a bot from Drift can come in and pick up to cover for you. Drift could help increase your traffic by creating a friendly user environment for your website. You can also download the app so that you can answer live chats on the go.

Your service sounds great, but I need to check with my partner


We’ve had clients that will ask about our service today but won’t purchase until several months later. This is where you will need a powerful CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software. After researching many CRM software, we found that bitrix24 had the most bells and whistles at no cost.

Bitrix24 is a collaboration software tool for management, collaboration, and communication. It can help you manage your business when working from home. You can use it to plan out your project and tasks for your team to see and finish tasks on time. Bitrix can also contact your team using the internet to chat with your team from far away.

Rinse and Repeat

Online Marketing Tools Step seven Track Your Tools

Google Analytics

You’ve done a great job so far. Now you need to ask yourself the following questions:
What happened here?
What can we do better?
What actions will I take next?
The best way to come up with answers to those questions is to review your data.

Google Analytics Home

Google Analytics is a free online marketing tool that uses tracking and statistics software that can help you get insights based on how visitors found your website. Moreover, it will show you what those visitors did while visiting your website as well as showing you important information based on the success of your website. Google Analytics will also work with any other tool and platform such as your smartphone, laptop, and tablet. It’ll also show what potential customers are looking for on your website by measuring it’s internal site searches to improve on opportunities your site might have been missing.

Google Webmaster Tool

Another great tool for ensuring that website stays successful is Google Webmaster. Google Webmaster is a free service that can help you evaluate and maintain your website’s performance in the search results. Moreover, it will inform you if your website has issues such as being hacked.

Online Marketing Tools Google Webmaster Performance Results Example

Here are some ways that Google webmaster tools help you maintain the performance of your website.
1.) It verifies that Google has access to the content on your website.

2.) It makes it possible to submit new pages and posts for Google to navigate and remove unwanted content to be discovered by search engine users.

3.) It helps you deliver and evaluate the content on your website to offer users a more pleasant visual experience.

4.) You could also maintain your website without disrupting its presence in the search results so that users can still see your website.

5.) It also helps you detect and remove malware or spam problems that couldn’t have been seen otherwise.
You don’t need to use Google webmaster tools for your website to appear in the search results but it a really good tool that offers you valuable information that can help with your marketing efforts.

Google Tag Manager

There are hundreds of pieces of codes you can install on your websites such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Google ads, remarketing codes, customizable codes, and many more! Installing all of these codes can make your website heavy and make you lose customers due to a slow website.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can install only one code and that’s it?


Online Marketing Tools Google Tag Manager Overview Example

Google tag manager could also be very helpful because changes are made at a rapid rate without requiring to change some of the code on your website. The only drawback is that it can be a little difficult to use. Nonetheless, you can call a Google representative, and normally they are more than willing to help as long you have a Google Ads ID.

What about your competitor’s analytics? 


SpyFu is a user-friendly marketing evaluation tool that allows you to search any website to view it’s ranking history. The purpose of SpyFu is to help you spy on your competition. This way you can do some research on their rankings and what keywords they’re using and who’s linking to their website. SpyFu is a better option when it comes to being a marking evaluation tool because they have 10 years of competitor data to where other tools such as SEMrush only has 8 years. SpyFu could be of great use to you when you are deciding on your content strategy.

Online Marketing Tools Spyfu Monthly Overview Example

SpyFu only gives you limited data with their free search option, but it’s valuable data that can help you understand your competitors. If you want to get more data, then you can sign up for their paid options.

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Written by Efrain Rivera Aguilera and Luis Chavez

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