Best 2020 Social Media Calendar [Infographic] With Real Examples

Best 2020 Social Media Calendar [Infographic] With Real Examples

Best 2020 Social Media Calendar

Social Media Calendar

When it comes to increasing your fan base on social media, it is important to give your fans a variety and engaging content. You may already be overwhelmed with deadlines, customer calls, and employees getting your attention. We created the infographic above to help you easily create social media posts on your Social Media Calendar that offer variety and will increase engagement. Some examples of popular social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

1. Ask Your Audience a Question On Your Social Media Calendar

Why should you ask your audience a question? Social media posts will get more reach when people like, comment, or share your content. People are more likely to engage with a question and will contribute to the conversation.

2. Discount or Promotion

People are more likely to share a post if you offer a discount or promotion. Moreover, people are more likely to buy something just because it is on special, even though they don’t need it. Once they get on your website, then you can up-sell and cross-sell your other services. And, if you provide superior service to your customers, they are more likely to tell their friends about your business.

Social Media Calendar Promotion/Giveaway Example

3. Inspirational Quote

Inspirational quotes are popular on social media. The best part is, that this is the type of post that can be easily scheduled way in advance. By using free posting software like, you can schedule inspiration quotes for many months in advance. They also might like the quote and share your page with others.

Inspirational; Quote On Your Social Media Calendar

4. Share a Tip or Trick

Sharing a quick tip or trick with a link to the full story is more likely to get more engagement. People are generally in a hurry and will not have time to read your full article unless they want to know more. When you share a part of a post, rather than the full article, it will intrigue others and draw them to your page. It will increase more traffic, letting others know more about you and your products or services.

Share Some Tips Or Tricks On Your Social Media Calendar

5. Post Your Latest Blog Article

Having a blog article will allow others to respond to your thoughts and products. They can also give you their opinion, which might help you market your products or services better. Having a blog can drive traffic from your social media to your blog. Just make sure you are writing about your business or products to get the right audience.

Blog Example

Joining a Blog club can give your business more exposure, as well. When you connect with a group, you can read, share, and post your blogs and this will get the word out about your product or service.

Post your Latest Blog Example
6. Highlight a Biz-Friends Page

Working together with other businesses is a great way to increase your online reach. Through the power of reciprocity, other businesses are more likely to share your content if you have helped them out. .When working with another business, if they were to promote your business on their social media platforms, you have a good chance of gaining new customers that wouldn’t be able to reach if it were not for the other business you are working with.

Biz friendly On Your Social Media Calendar

7. Have a Fun Fact On Your Social Media Calendar

Adding a fun fact will get people to think about what you posted. People tend to keep coming back to find out what the next fun fact is by liking and re-posting the original post.

8. What you are Reading

When you share what you are reading, it gives your audience an insight into who you are on a more personal level. You can start up a conversation about the book in a post and attract others to the discussion and that can lead to more likes on your post and page. Additionally, by including #hashtags about the books you are reading, you are more likely to attract other visitors that also like the same books.

Social Media Calendar Lean start up Reading Example
9. Training

People are always looking for quality training. You can introduce new concepts, instruct them on how to train, and discuss related trends within your industry. You can show someone rather than tell them. Many times, your customers will realize they do not have the time to do it on their own and will likely hire you for the job instead. Hosting events is another way to improve yourself, your business, and the community.

Training Example
10. Industry Article

What is the latest and greatest thing that is happening in your industry? Writing an article about your industry lets people know you stay up to date with new information coming out within your industry. Moreover, it helps you become more established as an authority figure in your industry. It can also turn into more traffic and return visitors to your social media web pages.

Social Media Calendar Industry Article Example

11. A Day in the Life Post

People like doing business with people. The more relatable you can become to your audience, the more likely they will be to purchase from you. You are letting your audience take a sneak-peek behind the scenes of your daily life. Your audience will feel more connected to you. Also, if you are working on a new project or product, then this would be a great time to share your exciting news. Be careful not to act as if you are desperate for attention, just remember to always be yourself and have fun!

Social Media Calendar A Day in the life example

12. Comic or Meme

When you add a comic strip to your social media, you increase the chances of a higher click-through rate on your post. A comic strip can lighten the mood for the user scrolling through the feed of your Social Media Calendar.
Social Media Calendar comic/meme example
The meme is an element of a culture, or system of behavior, passed from one individual to another; a humorous image, video, piece of text, and so on that can be spread rapidly by social media.
See this post:

Comic/Meme Example

Comic/Meme Example
13. Share an Eye-Catching photo

An eye-catching photo will gain more attention for your site than anything else. People can relate to images. They can inspire, show details about your product or service, and can inform them about who you are. A photo can tell a story and give depth to what you can do for your customer.

Eye Catching Photo Example

14. Highlight a New Product or Service

Social media is a great way to highlight a new product or service. You can reach more people, get reviews, share your photos and stories, and eventually have more people buy your product or service. You can let your audience know what to expect and to have them give feedback on your product or service. A sneak peek into something new.

Highlight a New Product or service example

15. Holiday Photo Post

A holiday photo is a good way to show what seasonal items everyone is talking about and has to have. Also, showing events that your company is having, shows your culture and sensitivity to your employees that work for your company and is a great way to spread awareness. Furthermore, this type of post can easily be scheduled in advance to show on future holidays on your Social Media Calendar.

Social Media Calendar Holiday Photo

Holiday Photo Example

16. Share an Interesting Statistic

There are people like us that love numbers. If you can put that data on a timeline, then it will likely get more shares. This allows your post to get more exposure because it’s more interactive for the viewer.

17. This or that Question

Asking random questions might seem like a weird thing to do, but this can get the reader to think about the subject, and possibly ask someone on their friend’s list about it. Share the question, which will link back to your social media page, and it will likely have more likes and responses. Having a this-or-that question is a fun way to support your product or services or community.

18. Infographic

Infographics are a great way to show a collection of imagery, charts, and text that is easy to read. The purpose of an infographic is to tell a story and make it relevant to your business. You need to make sure that you use accurate data, the right color scheme, the appropriate fonts, and keep it simple.

Infographic Example

Infographic Example

19. Long post or story

Sharing a long post or a story on your social media calendar can be a great way to show others what you are thinking. But, you need to keep the topic interesting, or the reader will not read the whole thing and will go on to another post. If you find a way to lure the reader in and keep it interesting, they will most likely read the entire article and even might share the story. It can also be a video. You just need to keep things interesting to keep the viewer engaged.

Long Post Example

20. Recommend a helpful tool or tip

When you interact with your audience by having a conversation about your brand, product, or service, your audience will be more engaged. This investment will make them more likely to shop at your place of business or web page.

21. Share a Free Resource

When it comes to free items, whether it is a CD or food, most people want to join in to get whatever it may be. You can promote your products or services by offering free items. Make it a contest by saying “like my page” and pick a person at random.

Free Resource

22. A Weekly Roundup of Interesting Articles

Update your feed with things you and your company are interested in. Something to do with health, new technologies, or something related to your product or service would be a good place to start. It can also be an interesting video of what is going on with your company.

Weekly Roundup


23. Contest or Giveaway

Contests or giveaways can be a good way to start a conversation about the product or service that you offer. Doing this can start up more buzz around your brand. Try to be creative and come up with something that others have not thought about doing in the same way, and people will be talking about you and your site.

Contest or Giveaway Example

Contest or Giveaway Example

24. Share a Fan Photo

Sharing a fan’s photo or testimonial will give your site more credibility. Also, if you can add some rewards in the area you live in or to others on your social media, such as gong to graduations, ball games, or any other large event, you can expand your follower base to keep them coming back time after time to see your newest posts.

Fan Photo Example

25. Breaking News

Posting a breaking news story is becoming the main source of the news online and on social media today. When you post a breaking news story, more people will see the post, and that can be helpful for your site. Just be careful about what you post. You do not want to get bad feedback on your social media site. Try to keep the site positive.

Breaking News Example

26. In Case you Missed it

No one wants to miss out on a good post, and sometimes you need to re-post your social media post for those who did not see it the first time. If you are going to point someone in the right direction of something interesting or enlightening more than once, you can let them know by telling them, “in case you missed it.”

In case you missed it example

27. Behind the Scenes Photo

Images of employees and business owners can enhance your business because most people like to see the face of who is running the company. And, this does not have to be all business-related. Showing pictures of everyday life can help customers bond with you.
You can even show photos of assembling products or preparing for lunch with your employees. Spotlighting your employees will show credibility, and your audience will feel like they are part of the team.

Behind the Scenes Example

28. Product Pictures

Taking beautiful and interesting product pictures can promote your product or service on social media. You are getting yourself out there, and that is what it is all about.

Product Pictures Example

29. Thank Your Fans

When you use the words “thank you,” it is not just polite to say, it can also build stronger relationships with your current and potential customers. Saying “Thank You” can build trust and loyalty in your social media. Having your photo or just a nice picture to show will give out the right tone.

Social Media Calendar Google High Impact Partner Thank Your Fans Example

Thank Your Fans Example
30. Create a Poll

When you create a poll, you get a lot of feedback and different opinions of a population by asking a series of questions on what people like and do not like about a certain topic. This can help you find out who your audience is.

Create a Poll Example

31. Funny Joke or Picture

Who doesn’t want to laugh and have a good time? When you post a funny image or a good joke, you can get others engaged and make them feel at home. Just stay away from things that can backfire. Posting about others, politics, religion, or what is going on in the world today can lead to more trouble and is not worth it. You want to keep your best side showing at all times to grow your business.

Comedic Photo Example

Comedic Photo Example

So, what is next for you?
Social media is the way of the future; it is growing at a faster rate than the market industry can keep up with. With all the updates, social trends, and new cutting-edge features, it can be overwhelming. Social media is essential and critical for any business of today. We can track what people are buying, selling, and talking about to give the customer what they are looking for and need. Posting something on your social media site every day can and will increase your traffic, which will lead to more people looking at your product or service. Do you need help with your social media advertising? Call us today at 559-553-5000 to get a customized strategy for your business.

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52 Effective Social Media Post Ideas and Examples to Fill Your Calendar

5 Key Elements of a Successful Infographic

5 Great Things You Can Do When You Automate Your Social Networks

5 Great Things You Can Do When You Automate Your Social Networks

Automate Your Social Networks

Social media automation is the perfect tool to have a social media presence without spending all your time sitting on a computer. Keeping a solid social media presence can be an excruciating task. With other important tasks for the business, like attending phones, making sales, finding new clients, and many others, it seems impossible to have the time to also post original content on several different platforms and accounts. This is made easier when you automate your social networks.

What is Social Media Automation?

In today’s world, businesses need to have an online presence to get in touch with clients and potential customers and to remain on people’s minds.

Having a website, an email, and even a mailing list are great ideas to enhance your business and keep connected with leads and clients, but something that is vital — whether you like it or not — is a social media network presence.

Why Should Your Business Have Social Media Presence?

According to, by 2017 the total number of social network users was more than 2 billion worldwide, and this number could increase to over 3 billion by 2021. This represents at least one-third of the entire world’s population, and businesses know it.

For that reason, they create business social media accounts, to keep in touch with customers and leads in a more relaxed, informal way. Through pictures, short stories, quizzes, and other entertaining and informative content, they keep people engaged with their brands.

On these platforms, companies can also inform about sales, promotions, events, and more, thus increasing their clients, sales, and of course, profit.

As a matter of fact, according to, 95% of adults follow a company through social media networks, which means visibility can be achieved through these channels.

And if you are not sure about why it is important to be on social media networks, we mention some reasons given by an entrepreneur:

  • Increase your search engine presence in a natural way
  • Make people talk about you and pass the information around
  • Help you build trust because customers prefer brands with social media profiles
  • Increase your ability to compete in your niche
  • Allow you to connect and bond with customers and leads
  • Help you generate leads
  • Help you drive sales

So now that you know the importance it has for your business to have a social media network presence, you may be thinking about how to do it. How can you be able to post engaging, informative, and entertaining content every day on all your platforms?

Companies who already knew the importance of social media networks faced the same problem as you are right now. Thankfully, the task is not as daunting as you might think.

Social Media Automation – A Solution For Social Media Marketing

When you hear or read the term “Social Media Automation”, people are referring to a group of software, apps, or websites that help you to automate some of your social media marketing activities. This is what articulate marketing tells us in their article, where they also state that there are two groups when it comes to social media automation.

There are people in favor of and against these kinds of tools. People against it call it unnatural, while people in favor say it makes you gain efficiency. But whether you think it is good or bad, the truth is that social media automation has gained more and more users among people who need to increase their productivity.

So, social media automation is a tool that allows you to post content, send messages, and more at any scheduled time or circumstance.

How to Use Social Media Automation?

Using social media automation is very simple. With online apps such as Buffer, Hoot Suite, CoSchedule, Hub Spot, or IFTTT, you can configure your personal or business social media accounts within minutes to schedule posts, send messages, and more.

It will all depend on what you wish to automatize in your social media networks. Always keep in mind that you will still need to manually enter and interact on your social networks to avoid being seen as a bot.

Some of the things that you can do when you automate your social media marketing are:

1. Schedule Posts

When you have a brand and you want to stay current on social media networks, it is very important to constantly post content that engages your audience and keeps you on their mind. With social media marketing automation, all you have to do is upload all your posts for a week, schedule them for a time and date, and wait for the magic to happen.

There are several options to do this, whether you are posting original texts or photos, sharing your blog’s content, or even sharing other people’s content.

The best advantage of this is that you can make sure to always post on times and dates your target market actually check their social media profiles, so it gives you a higher chance to be seen by your audience.

Automate Social Networks Social Media Calendar

2. Share Content

An important part of social media marketing is to keep consistency. This means that it is important to constantly post new content on your social media networks. A strategy lots of companies use is to share engaging, interesting content from other websites.

Jeff mentions the importance of posting on a regular basis to keep the audience engaged and aware of your existence.

You can target content to share from other websites such as articles, photos, infographics, and more, and save it to have easy access to all of it when you want to share content.

Obviously, you can share your content from your website. Blog posts, photos, and articles can be in the queue and ready to deliver whenever you schedule it.

Share Content easier when you Automate your Social Networks

3. Make Users Take Action

With the use of social media marketing automation tools, you will have the chance to make your website and social media networks more visible by adding a call to action button to every shared content you post.

This means that whenever you share a link when the person opens it to see the website, they will also see a call to action button linking back to your website. In this way, you will have a higher chance of people visiting your site, increasing your ability to make sales.

Make users take action when you Automate Social Networks

3. Create Custom Responses

If you are getting more followers and connections on your social networks, you may want to show your appreciation to your new subscribers by sending them a welcome and “Thank you” a message.

But doing this task manually can be long and difficult to do, especially when as an entrepreneur you have a lot on your plate.

When you automate custom responses for your contacts, you will be able to automatically send a note every time a person likes, subscribes, shares, or interacts in any way with you. This way they will feel welcomed when they interact with you.

There are many benefits of using auto-responders on your social media networks, like turning visitors into subscribers, following up on visitors at a faster pace, and saving money on the price it would cost to hire a person for this job.

As general advice, automated responses should be used for messages such as a welcoming, showing gratitude for subscribing or a weekly newsletter. Make sure you still schedule some time to manually and personally interact with others on social media as well.

Create custom responses when you Automate Social Networks

5. Articulate your Social Media Accounts

This is something you already can do with some social media networks such as Facebook or Instagram.

By automating your social networks with tools such as IFTTT, you can interconnect 2 or more social media accounts to inform one when you post something to the other one.

This is great for information such as promotions, discounts, contests, and quizzes that are meant to be socialized through all possible sources. This can lead to concrete actions from leads and clients because you will have to post the information on only one social media network to have the information posted on all your profiles.

Some useful advice on this aspect is to use this function only to post information like the mentioned above. It is important to remember that each social media platform was created with a purpose; therefore, make sure to post content especially designed for each platform.

5. Get Statistics and Important Info

This is one great feature you can get when you automate because all these apps and websites can collect important info for your brand, such as whenever your brand is mentioned on social media, or when the keyword you are tracking is mentioned on any post.

Always be aware of the state of your competitor’s demographics in order to get more leads or even capitalize on unhappy customers.


When you start a business you do not know how much time you will have to invest in branding your company. With today’s technology and the importance of the Internet, there are plenty of fields open for you to market your brand, get new followers, and increase your sales.

But having entrepreneurship is not an easy task all the time and the effort you can save is monumental. With this in mind, social media marketing automation can help you complete tasks that would take hours and with just a few moments you will have most of your next week’s content ready to be instantly posted at times and dates you need.

Some people say automation makes social network marketing lose its social nature. But if you make sure to automate only the content that is uniform for all your platforms, and if you make sure to keep interacting manually and personally on social media networks, you will be able to make your time more efficient and grow your business.

How to Become a Networking Superstar in 11 steps

How to Become a Networking Superstar in 11 steps

Become a Networking Superstar

Networking is defined as connecting and communicating with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts. In business, networking is one of the most essential keys to increasing the awareness of a newly developed establishment. It is important to know how to network, where to network, and how to plan out your course of action. Here are 10 tips any busy owner can easily use to become better at networking their business to new clients.

1. Figure out where to network.

Understanding your target market is important in order to find out where you need to network. Whether you do business locally or outside of your immediate area, you can find out who they are, what they like, and more importantly, the best way to give them information about your business. A business owner could figure out what industries are aligned or work directly with his industry, and start from there. Figuring out what other industries your product or business works with and going to their events is a quick and easy way you can begin networking with others.

Figure out where to network to become a networking superstar

2. Contact the Chamber of Commerce

Joining the Chamber of Commerce in your local community will put you in environments where you can meet potential clients. The Chamber of Commerce was tailormade specifically for local business owners so they can communicate with each other and establish business relationships. You may want to e-mail your local chamber and be asked to be put on their mailing list. This way you can receive regular notifications on where the next event is going to occur.

3. Join a Leads Group

A lead group is a business association in which members regularly communicate with each other for the purpose of giving and getting potential clients. There are many lead groups, and some do charge a fee, so it is important to do research on all lead groups before joining. You are more likely to get leads if you give leads to the group because they will likely feel the need to reciprocate.

Join a Leads Group to become a Network Superstar

4. Plan Your Work And Work Your Plan

One of my mentors once said, “Plan your work, and work your plan.” You are more likely to achieve your desired goal if you have a game plan. Why are you there? Who do you want to meet? What do you hope to accomplish? These are questions a business owner should be asking themselves before going to any networking event. Creating a clear and concise plan within your mind helps you understand what your goals are. Find some of the other attendees and try to establish a relationship with them prior to the event. This way you can begin to pre-plan any other questions you may have prior to professional interactions.

5. Sum yourself up in 30 seconds or less.

Do you have an elevator pitch? The difficulty of networking is figuring out the best way to sell yourself within a limited amount of time. If your introduction is too short, you may leave out vital information. If it is too long, you may initially grab their interest but lose potential clients when your message is too long. The key to communicating when trying to create business relationships is to create a concise monologue that gives a clear answer to who you are, what you do, and who you do it for. Remember to practice, practice, and practice some more until it becomes second nature.

6. The Only Thing To Fear is Fear Itself

You won’t create any new leads or potential clients by not communicating. Remember this is a gathering specifically for business. It is important to introduce yourself and try to find people to talk to. Get to know the person you are talking to. Ask questions and let them lead the conversation. Not every conversation is going to turn into a business opportunity, but it does allow you to explain who you are and what you do to another business owner. Become genuinely interested in other people’s business and you’ll be surprised how the floodgates of information open up. After hearing them talk about themselves and their business, then they will want to reciprocate and talk about your business.

7. Bring Business Cards and Magnets

With social media websites and emails, we sometimes forget that being able to hand someone something physically still draws attention. Business cards are still a classic way to give potential clients all of your information. It is still a virtually inexpensive way to make it easy for clients to contact you. Include your name, website, email, and phone number. However, if you want to take your networking up a notch, invest in some business card magnets. People are more likely to keep your magnet and put it on their refrigerator, than a business card.


8. Follow up is the key to real networking.

Around 95 percent of people do not follow up with potential clients after networking. This is why following up with any potential client you meet can immediately set you apart from any of the other business owners they may have met the day of the event. A business owner should follow up with a potential client within 48 hours of the initial meeting. You may want to consider using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management Software). One that comes with a lot of bells and whistles and is free to use is bitrix24.

9. Grow Your LinkedIn Connections

Unlike Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram the sole purpose of LinkedIn is to establish professional relationships and to network. There are groups that exist within LinkedIn that make it possible to communicate with other people who specifically deal with businesses within your industry. Take time out to personalize your messages. It lets the potential lead know you are specifically interested in their business as opposed to appearing as if you are sending messages to every profile you encounter. Commenting on their post would also help to personalize your interactions.


10. Be Patient and Think Long Term.

I don’t believe that every relationship you establish will lead to sales or new business. But it is still important to work on each of those relationships individually. We as business owners are eager to sell our product or service as soon as we develop our relationship, but it is important to remember that people will buy when they want to, not when we want them to. You never know when a potential client will be ready to work with you. Even if after several meetings your leads may not be interested in doing business with you, they still have the potential to introduce you to other potential leads. Touch bases with your networking business connections every 30 days as to not lose your influence.

11. Wear A Name Tag

Most people forget a person’s name within the first 30 seconds of an introduction. However, many networking experts agree that you are more likely to be remembered if you wear a name tag to an event. This is why it’s important to invest a few dollars into a professional name tag and wear it to every event.
If you want more business you need to network, communicate, and meet new people. Introduce yourself at any opportunity. As stated before, every interaction you have won’t lead to new business, but creating those relationships will let more people know about your business. Contact your Chamber of Commerce, join a lead group, and become an active member on LinkedIn. Harness those communication skills, pass out business cards, and your other marketing material. Get ready to introduce yourself (and more importantly your business) to the world!
Written by Noemi Chavez

How To Go Viral On LinkedIn In 20 Easy To Understand Steps

How To Go Viral On LinkedIn In 20 Easy To Understand Steps

How to Go Viral on LinkedIn

Whether you have a brand, a startup, a small, medium, or large business or any kind of company, it is most likely that you have a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is one of the biggest online work community there is, which is why it is so important to get noticed on this platform.

Created in 2002, LinkedIn is a business, enterprises, and employment-oriented social media network. Millions of people, brands, companies, and other businesses share their experience and skills online to get in touch with others.

For this and more, LinkedIn is so much more than just a simple online CV, and if you have not yet seen the importance that LinkedIn can have for your brand, keep reading and learn with us on how you can create a profile that becomes viral and have everyone aware of who you are in this platform.

But first!

Never forget that LinkedIn is more than your regular resume. Your profile must be treated as a professional site for your brand, what you are selling. LinkedIn will work much better with a business that sells to other companies, rather than a brand that sells to the consumers.

But no matter what kind of business you run, create a very professional version of your LinkedIn profile as if it was an add about your brand. This is the first step into making your profile viral.

How to Go Viral on LinkedIn 20 steps infograpgh

Embed This Image On Your Site (copy code below):

20 Tips to get a LinkedIn viral profile

1. Be original

In LinkedIn, most profiles are from professionals in the most varied field. From graphic design to content and digital marketing, any possible professional field will have some company representing it on LinkedIn. So you will have to know that there will be tons of brands and businesses like yours.

Make a stand out profile by being original, showcasing your talents, portfolio, and writing a creative presentation. Be professional but also make sure to stand out.

2. Write a nice profile name and tag line

Your photo and the information right next to it is the first — and only — thing that is visible in search results. This shows your name, a little tag line, and your location. Make sure you come up with an attractive and catchy tagline to put beside your photo, so it gets people’s attention.

Also, find a photo that shows you in a serious way without being too formal. A photograph smiling and with a natural background instead of an identification-like photo will work great in terms of getting noticed.

3. Add all your professional experience

In LinkedIn, it is important to showcase your experience, so do not hesitate to write down every single professional experience and job you have had. Every experience you can show will add when it is time to find the most experienced candidate. It does not matter if your professional experience overlaps one on the other, the only important thing is that the audience is aware of all the things you can do.

4. Let them know the outside of work you

Even LinkedIn is a professional social media network. So make sure to let your personality and uniqueness shine when you share your information.

Make sure to mention the things you like to do when you are not working, the things you are passionate about, books you read, and other particular things about you. It is about building an image of you that goes beyond your professional image.

5. Advertise your skills

Make sure you mention several times on your resume, as well as in your bio, and in any other information you give about yourself, such as job experience, 5 to 10 skills you consider are the skills you want to be recognized for.

Use these skills repeatedly on your profile, bio, and experience. This will help you build your image, amplify your message and make your profile easier to find when potential leads make a keyword search.

6. Link your other websites

LinkedIn gives you the chance of linking up to 3 websites to your profile. Use it to show your website, blog, or the social media networks where you have more followers.

When adding these websites to your profile, make sure to set them as “other”, so you can edit the name and description of your websites. Then, make sure to write an attractive text that calls people to click and visit your other profiles and know more about you. The key is to be creative and friendly.

Link your other websites to Go Viral On LinkedIn

7. Choosing your LinkedIn image

Taking in count that LinkedIn is a professional social media network; it is logical to guess that the photo you chose cannot be just any pic you had in a barbecue. Find a photo that looks professional without being too serious.

Make sure your LinkedIn photo is the same or at least similar to your other social media and website pages to keep the professional line in all your spaces.

Choose an appropriate and professional image to Go Viral On LinkedIn

8. Keep the same name

Do not assume that people will know when you change your name. Whether it is a letter or the whole thing, changing your name can make people lose you on their radar, so better chose a name and stick to it.

9. Contact with people

Once you have created your LinkedIn profile and let all your experience shine, do not leave it there. Start contacting people and searching for connections. Getting at least 500 contacts should be your goal, it will look much better on your profile having 500+ contacts than having just 10.

Do this by browsing on LinkedIn for contacts that are in the same field as you, people who work with companies related to your niche, or people who show in their interests something similar to your brand. Also, do not hesitate to add people who you may find interesting. Normally, people you follow will follow you back; like in most social media networks tend to happen.

Get them interested in you by sending an interested, well designed and very professional image of your brand: your products, a small brochure, something that gets their attention to you, as well as a personally written note. In business, personal relationships are always better than digital ones.


10. Join groups

In LinkedIn, there are groups where you can participate to exchange information, give and get tips, etc. Do not hesitate becoming part of groups and add yourself to groups with similar niches or related to the same industry.

LinkedIn gives you a widget called sharing. With it, you can message all the group members once a week. This gives you a great opportunity to send important information, special promotions and more to keep your followers interested in your brand.

You can also create your own group and target for people who have similar interests than yours and you could turn into potential clients.


11. Consider your headlines and posts

As in any other social media network, content is the main thing. Create attractive and engaging headlines, which will capture viewers’ eyes.

Then, make sure that your content is at least as interesting as the headline you created. Make good content, interesting and pertinent to your niche, whether it is interesting data about your field, or straight promotions or sales you want to advertise.

Do not be afraid to including images and links in your posts to make them more complete. The goal is to make people interested in your content, and also in your brand.

12. Create a company profile

As in any other social media network, the best advice is to create a personal profile linked to a professional profile. This makes you look more professional and make your brand seem bigger.

So, create a LinkedIn professional profile and link it to your personal profile to build more presence of your brand and to redirect people to your website.

This will also work to get connected with other companies and possibly create alliances to make your business grow.

Make sure that your name and photo are of the brand and not of yourself. For the description and bio, make sure to mention the services you provide, the amount of money you have raised or produced, and any other interesting data that talks about your company and its success.


13. Share your profile

Make sure you share your LinkedIn profile (as well as any other social media network) in any of your other social media network profiles, as well as in your website.

Using external websites, you can set up a share, follow, add, and other buttons in your posts and other content, so people can easily start to follow you or share your content on their profiles.

Make as simple and as easy as you can for people to follow and reach to you.

14. Create posts with effective content

It is not only to make engaging posts with a nice image. Studies say that the best headlines have from 40 to 49 characters. Short headlines are easier to find, see and read.

You can add videos, preferably one per post.

15. Choose your type of posts

Do not write headlines asking a question. They perform poorly on this platform. As a matter of fact, it is better if not the headline, nor the post, is made to make a question.

“How to” posts, on the other hand, perform very good on LinkedIn. Create posts on how to do, repair, fix or any other information, about something regarding your brand. It will make you look like an expert on the information you are giving.

16. Shape and length of posts

When you create longer posts, break them down into smaller sections with headlines. It will make the content easier to read and more visible in the feed.

Do not make posts that are longer than 2000 words, to keep readers interested in your content. But also, do not create posts that are too short, people on LinkedIn are more willing to read long post than on any other social media platform.

17. Find the tone of your articles

The tone on your articles should be as neutral as possible, and the language used should be easy to understand, to make it more digestible for most types of people. The more people understand your content, the more people will read it, like it and share it.

18. Post on the right day and time.

Try to make your post and upload your content on Thursdays. Studies show this is the most active day on LinkedIn. The best time to do this will be the afternoon, mostly after work hours.

19. Connect your LinkedIn profile with your Twitter profile

Link your LinkedIn account to your Twitter profile so anytime you make a post, share content or any other news on LinkedIn, it gets reflected on your Twitter profile. Studies show is an effective practice, more than with any other social network.

20. Make Smart Ads

If you decide to advertise your brand, startup, business or any other in LinkedIn, follow a few basic steps to create an efficient ad.

For example, make sure you use an image; link your ad back to your LinkedIn profile or your website; use words such as “now” and “today” to get more clicks; target the places (countries) where your brand can actually go to make a more effective ad; make specs such as business activity, age, gender, location, and others to have an ad more efficient; run your campaign for a few days before creating statistics; among others.

In LinkedIn, you can set your ad in the specific content you like, or create a demographic profile so your ad appears on certain pages and to certain people. Decide which one is best for your business and commit to it for a few months to prove how well it works for you.

LinkedIn is a professional network that most people see only as a CV profile space. But the truth is that LinkedIn is a huge platform that can help greatly to build a business. There are hundreds of cases where a small company has grown thanks to its strong presence on the LinkedIn community.


Do you need help with your social media marketing? Reach out to us at 559-553-5000 and let us get you a proposal on how to get more quality leads and sales.
Written by Noemi Chavez

How To Create Viral Content For Twitter In 16 Steps

How To Create Viral Content For Twitter In 16 Steps

How to Create Viral Content For Twitter

Undoubtedly, Twitter is one of the most important social networks there is. The amount of Twitter accounts well pass the whole population of several small countries.

This means that Twitter is a network you cannot forget to work on when you want to build up your business, gain new followers and customers and, of course, increase your sales.

Everybody is on Twitter now. From personal accounts to celebrities and of course, passing for businesses of all sizes, to be noticed it is important to be on Twitter. But since Twitter only offers the opportunity to post 140 characters, how can this have a positive impact on your brand?

In this article, we want to show you how something as tiny as 140 characters can have a massive impact on your sales and the way you are perceived by the digital audience. We will give you a series of tips on how you can create content that is attractive, pertinent, and that will be massively shared online.

Keep reading to find out how to create viral content for Twitter.

But first!

Remember to separate your personal profile from your company or brand’s profile. Nevertheless, do not forget to mention on your personal profile your company and your position, so you can lead your personal followers into your brand, achieving more organic followers that will surely improve your visibility on the network.

Mention both twitter profiles and websites to get more views on both platforms.

And also!

Do not forget to include your Twitter profile on all your social media networks, your marketing materials, your e-mails, and any other material you give to current and potential clients. This will help you to build up your audience and get to more potential and current customers.

16 Tricks for Twitter content that goes viral

1. Use hashtags on your profile and/or bio

Add a few hashtags into your profile information or your bio to help people find you easier on Twitter. Use words that can be related to your niche or directly your brand’s name. This will make that when people are looking for certain words, your profile appears on the first results.

Viral Content For Twitter using #hashtags

2. Use Twitter buttons on your websites

If you have configured a Twitter business account, you will have the chance to use buttons on your website or other social media networks, like a blog, to allow people to share your content, use a hashtag, follow you, and more. Make sure to use these buttons in all your web spaces to create the most possible buzz about your content.

You can even set a button, especially using WordPress, so people can log in from your website. In that way, sharing or liking will be a lot easier.

Use buttons on your websites for Viral Content For Twitter<

3. Create a call to action on your bio

Another great way to get more followers, retweets, and ultimately, more clients, is adding a call to action on your Twitter bio. Sending you a private message or an email, twitting to you, visiting your website, and other options are possible to create faster feedback from the people who visit your profile.

4. Search and get more followers by following

Building an audience can be difficult, especially if you are new to the Twitter platform. The best way to create an organic community or audience is reaching to the people you know have similar interests to you or to your brand.

So, the first step is to invite your friends and followers, from your personal profile, to follow your brand. Send invitations, tag them, and more to invite them to follow your business profile.

Another way to increase your followers is by following people who you do not know but who have the same kind of interests or are already following brands and businesses similar to yours.

In Twitter, it’s normal that after you follow someone, that someone follows you back, so take advantage of it and find people with similar interests. To increase your chances of being followed, make sure to like, retweet, or comment on other people’s post, this normally leads to getting new followers.

5. Use help from external websites

There are a few places online that can help you find the right kind of people on Twitter, so you do not have to spend hours searching for possible followers.

Followerwonk is a website that helps you find people who could be relevant for your Twitter account, so you can be sure you are reaching to possible organic followers that could translate into bigger sales.

Twitonomy is another website for this kind of work and it is completely free.

Unfollowers is a website that lets you know the people who have stopped following you.

Linkplugapp is a website that allows you to create an ad about your website or any social media network for people to see before they see the content you linked. It is a great way to advertise your site.

6. Segment your contacts in lists

In Twitter, you can create lists to segment all your contacts. In this way, you can create personalized content to send only to certain contact and receive just some content on your news feed.

This will also allow you to see the type of content your contacts are posting and sharing, so you will be able to design strategies to increase your audience.

Use segmentation with your contacts for Viral Content on Twitter

7. Mention influencers on your posts

Create content where you counter or agree with something some influencer said by mentioning them into your post. You will get a chance that these people reply to your posts, giving you their audience automatically.

8. Automatize your tweets

We all agree that Twitter is important, but who has the time to be constantly tweeting? Help yourself by automatizing your Tweeter content by using some app or website of your choice.

Some you can find is Tweriod and Buffer, and they help you set a time and date to post content on your Twitter so you can think in advance all the tweets to post during the week.

9. Post at the right time and days

Make sure to post your content on the most ideal times to do so. In some pages, they will do a study on your audience to give you the times they connect the most, so the analysis is very personalized.

But in general terms, people are connected on Twitter is between 8:00 to 9:00 AM, 2:00 to 4:00 PM, and then from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. These are the times when people retweet, answer, and interact more on Twitter. So it is the best time to post content.

10. Post a contest

Crating a contest will always make good advertising and visibility for your profile. Make sure to use the right words, though. Words like “win”, “winner”, “winning”, “events” and others are friendly and call to action. Words like “contest”, “promotion” or “coupon” are aggressive and people tend not to get involved in these kinds of contests. Remember to use hashtags for any words used.

11. Take care of your headlines

Given the fact that Twitter gives you only 140 characters to create content, it is crucial to know the right words to use whenever creating a headline for your posts.

At Aminstitute you can find a tool named the “Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer”, which makes a study on the words of your headline to let you know about its emotional value, meaning how it is going to make people feel.

A really interesting option to create accurate headlines.

12. Ask questions

Twitter tends to be a very passive way of communication. Maybe you will not get from it the number of followers and shares that you can get on any other social media, but something that you can sure use Twitter for is to get information.

Ask your audience questions to give you tips on content, products, services, or any other thing that they wish you offered; and then make it happen. This is a great and very organic source of material to improve your brand and make your business grow.


13. Choose the right image size

To be able to get the maximum benefit from every post you make on Twitter, even the size matters. Studies say that the profile image should have a size of 400 x 400 pixels.

Regarding the header, the optimal size for the image should be 1500 x 500. And to post images, the ideal size is 440 x 220.

The most retweeted kind of material is posted with photos, followed by videos and quotes.

14. Use all your length

According to some studies, tweets with 120 to 140 characters have more reactions and retweets than the ones that only use from 50 to 80 characters.

15. Ask people to “please retweet”

It may seem like something obvious, but most people do not use this. Including the actual words: “please Retweet”, or “Please RT” get more retweets than a post that does not use these words. Being gentle pays off.


16. Post and post again

You can post the same content 2 or even 3 times, because people are not always online, and time zones change. Share the same content changing the image and the title and see your retweets increase.

So, here you have it, a compilation of 16 good tips you can use to take your Twitter profile to the next level. Even though Twitter’s fast pace makes it a hard tool to use for marketing, it is still very possible to enhance the power of your profile to increase the visibility of your brand.

Do not forget that, like any other social network, Twitter is not a hit on its own. You will need to develop quality and engaging content that keeps people wondering and wanting more.

Create good quality products or services, and see your business grow.

How To Make Viral Content On Quora With 14 Tricks

How To Make Viral Content On Quora With 14 Tricks

How To Make Viral Content On Quora

In the digital marketing world, it is important to be on every possible place where your brand can get people’s responses. No matter if it is a well known or famous social media network like Facebook, or a less known one, whatever social media network you are on; make sure you have the best impact.

In this article today, we want to talk about a not so known social media network, Quora, a question and answers website where people can ask and answer other user’s questions.

This is an interesting kind of website because the audience is more specialized in the topics chosen, so you will be showcasing your brand to a more specific audience, people who are more likely to get in touch with your brand if it really is what they are interested in.

Quora it is a great idea if you want to market your brand because it ranks great on Google, and this is because it is a source of quality and reliable material. It has a great reputation among people who are looking for information and answers to some questions.

On this website, you will find quality on the most varied kinds of content, so it is a perfect opportunity for you to advertise your brand and reach a new audience. let us take you in research about how you can use this website to make your business grow and catch more viewers and possibly clients.

But first!

It is easy to confuse Quora with other sites like Yahoo Questions, for example, but here are a few tips on how you can distinguish Quora from other similar websites:

  • Quora demands your real name when you create an account, which gives it more credibility.
  • Quora is a formal and serious website. It is intended to share and socialize knowledge.
  • There are constant revisions, moderations, and filters to assure the place remains serious and a source of real and useful data.

So, as you can see, Quora is not just a question and answers website. It is a place to exchange, learn, and teach. It is a place designed to socialize knowledge and it intends to be a source of qualified knowledge.

14 Tricks to create viral content for Quora

1. Name yourself

When creating your profile at Quora, make sure you create your user by using your name, followed by your position and your company. This is important because every time you submit an answer the users will see not only your name but your business name as well.

2. Become an expert on several topics

Make sure you participate in more than one topic if it possible for you. If your niche is cars, you can participate in cars designs questions, engineering, mechanics, electricity, and more. The more spaces you participate in answering questions, the more visibility your brand will have.

3. Create different accounts

If you are planning on participating answering more than one topic of questions, create a profile for each niche you are planning on answering questions. This will not only make it easier for you to navigate on the website but will also make you look more professional in several topics, which will give you more relevance.

4. Take your time to answer questions

If you are going to start an account at Quora, make sure you take at least once a week to answer as many questions as you can to people on the platform. The only way to get noticed is by answering questions, and for that, make sure your answers make sense and are correct.

Make sure you only answer questions you know a lot about. Do not copy and paste answers from other websites, there is a hard review process constantly and you will be penalized if you are caught copying.

Try to answer questions in the most polite language as possible and let people know you are there to help, and they can reach you not only there, but at your website as well. This will increase traffic to your website.

Do not answer questions condescendingly, rudely, or sarcastically. Do not forget you are representing your brand and people should always feel respected.

5. Link your social media network accounts

Make sure you mention all your other social media networks on your Quora profile. Let people know your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other social profile where they can reach you.

You can post your comments, questions, and answers within your other social media networks by going to Quora and other networks configuration. This will increase traffic on all your social media networks.

Link your other social media accounts to Make Viral Content On Quora

6. Give your best possible answers

Studies say that to have the best answers in Quora you should make longer answers rather than shorter. Try to open with something funny or catchy and of course, make a coherent answer.

As for time, answer as soon as you can, but take your time to create a good response. Answers that come from personal experience can have better scores.

7. Improve other people’s answers

You could say that Quora is a competition in answering questions. After all, people give scores to your answers, which will ultimately put you on people’s radar. So a good way to put your name out there is by creating new answers to people’s questions.

Try to find a question you know a lot about and that someone has already answered. Create a more complete answer and you will automatically get as many viewers as the previous answer had. It will increase your visibility.

8. Link to your other websites

A great way to create an answer and market your brand at the same time at Quora is by creating an answer with a call to action to any of the other social media networks, your e-store, or your website.

You can answer, and in the middle of your response, mention an article on your blog that refers to the same topic. Or invite people to add themselves to your mailing list for constant answers to any questions they may have.

In this way, you will increase the traffic to your social media networks, increase your audience, and improve your sales.

Link your other websites to Make Viral Content On Quora

9. Become the go guy or gal

Even though you can create a profile for each niche you want to participate in, try to become a real expert on one topic. Try to be the person who answers lots of questions about one subject, so people can relate you to that topic.

This will make people get interested in you, your profile, and eventually, your brand, so it could increase your customers.

10. Create accounts to ask questions

Quora is a place to make questions, but maybe as an expert in a subject, there are questions you know people would benefit from. But no one is asking those questions.

Easy. Create one or two accounts to make questions you believe are important, and answer them with the profile you have for each niche. It will add expertise and showcase your knowledge.

11. Answer unanswered questions

Quora allows you to follow the questions you want, and see how many people are following such questions.

When a question has too many followers and little or no answers, it is a good time to create an answer. Lots of visibility in a second.

12. Add a picture to your answers

Just as with any other social media network, Quora prefers posts with an image. Answers that include an image within the text have better scores than images that only have text.

13. Ask questions yourself

We have been focusing on answering questions, and of course that this is important because as a business or a brand you want to be an expert on something.

But asking questions, the right kind of questions can be just as important as answering them. Research and ask current, interesting, not so easy to answer questions, and ask them in an attractive way, to get a debate, and a fight of responses to it. This will also increase your visibility.

14. Follow people

Quora works very much like Twitter or Instagram. Normally when you follow someone, that someone follows you back, so it is a great idea to follow some people with similar interests than you on Quora.

You can ask questions directly to them, answer, and share their content.

Quora may be a smaller social media network compared with other huge brands such a Facebook or YouTube, but it is still a very respected website for people who are looking for reliable information that is not as easy as searching on Google.


So, if what you want is to improve and increase your traffic, there is no harm to creating a profile on Quora and leading it towards your social media marketing. Would you like to learn more about social media? Call us today at 559-553-5000 or visit our website at and schedule a free no obligation appointment on how we can help you with your social media.

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