Restaurant Marketing: 6 Ways to Bring Customers Back in Your Doors

Restaurant Marketing: 6 Ways to Bring Customers Back in Your Doors

The greater population was not prepared for the issues that were coming in 2020. The pandemic has upended much of our daily lives, but experts are predicting that the end may be in sight.

As the world continues to reopen, many businesses and industry professionals will be looking for ways to rebuild what they once had. One industry that will need to do some extra work to return to its pre-pandemic state is the foodservice industry. Many diners are still wary of going out amongst other issues.

Without further ado, here are six ways to ensure that your marketing efforts bring customers back into your restaurant!

1. Expand the Department

For many businesses, budgets, unnecessary expenses, and overhead costs were all slashed and kept to a minimum last year. In fact, experts state that at least 43% of marketing budgets were cut due to the pandemic. Once the recession started, it was apparent that business owners had to shore up expenses if they wanted to remain in business.

While these industry-wide budget cuts were necessary to stay open in the interim, they can be damaging to a company’s long-term success. As the world returns to a semblance of normalcy, so too should your restaurant’s operational makeup. It is time to reinvest in the marketing department if budget cuts were made. Even if your restaurant did not need to cut the marketing department, it is still a good time to expand the department and dedicate some resources to its growth.

Expanding a marketing department can be done in a few different ways. You can invest in the people who make up the department, or you can invest in the tools that the department uses every day. Let’s walk through what this may look like for your restaurant.


Hiring more marketing professionals can be a great way to expand on the current capabilities of the department. Marketing today is so fragmented that having at least a digital specialist and a traditional marketing specialist is a must. Much more than that can be overkill for a restaurant. To speed up the hiring process, it may be worth looking into a human resources platform. HR software allows you to automate many tasks associated with hiring, onboarding, and even offboarding employees.

Splitting the marketing work into two separate categories will help lighten the workload each member of the marketing team has. This lightened workload will allow your marketers to focus on the tasks that they feel most comfortable with. Having more than one specialist will also lead to more collaboration and diverse ideas that pull in both traditional and digital marketing strategies.


Besides hiring additional help, you can also expand the department by purchasing new equipment and gear for the team. Post-pandemic, your marketing content needs to look and feel like it’s professionally shot. You will not be the only restaurant trying to bring customers back in the door. If your marketing content looks stale or dated, it will be hard to stand out in the newly crowded market. To best combat this, your marketing team should have brand new gear and software to create the best content possible.

Some marketing equipment to consider investing in is; a new camera, a new laptop, the Adobe Creative suite, social media schedulers, other photography materials (props, greenscreen, etc.). Each of these items will help your team put out robust content that will grab the customers attention. Remember, your team’s gear will only take them so far. Having a dedicated marketing plan will help amplify your new efforts.

As the world begins to grow more crowded, so too will the business space. Getting out in front of the demand for new content will only help your restaurant get back on track!

2. Ditch the Third-Party Support

One of the silver linings of the past year is, the pandemic forced people to try new things. You could not achieve a task the same way that you would before, so new methods were being tested everyday to achieve goals. With so many people trying new things, this could also be the case for your marketing department.

As you begin to think about how you are going to bring customers back in the door, maybe you don’t have to. Amidst the pandemic, restaurant owners started to diversify how their business operated. This led to the massive adoption of restaurant delivery services across the country.

For most restaurant owners, this means working with third-party applications, such as GrubHub or Uber. These third-party apps often have predatory terms and contracts that can negatively impact the restaurant’s bottom-line. Due to these growing concerns, 70% of consumers actually prefer to order from a restaurant that offers their own delivery service, according to a recent survey. This is a huge number, as 60% of consumers now order takeout or delivery at least once a week.

To combat this, your restaurant should offer a delivery service that is completely built for in-house use and managed by your marketing team. The front-end costs of paying an app-developer to build your application will be costly, but the money you save in the long run from avoiding third-party fees will be worth it.

The estimated cost of building your own delivery app can range from $15,000-$30,000, but it will be dependent on the features you want to include. Obviously there is some sticker shock associated with this number. It may be wise to use funds from a small business loan to ensure that you have the money necessary to build a powerful app, while not taking away from other areas of your business.

After building your app, remember that you will need to market your new offering across all platforms. Meet with the marketing team to discuss how you want to feature this new addition to your business. Also, keep in mind that you will need to staff and maintain the costs of offering delivery after the initial investment.

3. Continue to Invest in Digital Trends

Up to this point, most of our advice has been centered around digital marketing trends in the food service sphere, and for good reason. More consumers are looking online at recommendations and reviews than ever before when choosing a restaurant. Something as small as a one-star difference on a company’s Yelp account can shift profits by as much as 9%.

Restaurant owners have seen how impactful the online community can be when determining which restaurants in an area are good or bad. Investing further in your digital presence will only help you take advantage of this opportunity.

For restaurants, there are a few elements of digital marketing that are a must if you want to make an impression on your target market. Here are some areas of digital marketing that you should be focusing on if you are not already.

Local Search Engine Optimization

As mentioned, the local community can play a huge role in determining your restaurant’s success. With more locals turning to Google and other search engines to find nearby restaurants, having a presence on these search engines will be increasingly important. SEO is growing at a pace that has never been seen before. Many companies want to do SEO, but do not know how to due to the technical intricacies of this form of marketing. To best leverage SEO for your business, check out some of the ways that we can assist you!

Email Marketing

The connection between email marketing and restaurants may not be apparent right away, but if you think about it, most of the bigger restaurants conduct email marketing, just in a non-traditional way. These larger restaurants often have customer loyalty programs that automatically send a newsletter to each and every subscriber. These newsletters serve as a form of email marketing as they effectively inform a consumer about something new at your restaurant. The logistics of gathering leads, sending emails, and everything in between can be rather time-consuming. That is where we can help! Contact us today to see how we can help you get your email marketing campaign off the ground.

Web Design

The continued shift to online shopping has flooded the foodservice industry as a whole. Restaurants need to have well-designed online sites that are both user-friendly and nice to look at. Consumers want to have the option to order, cash out and have their food delivered all from an online storefront. Even if delivery isn’t offered, some consumers prefer to order online. Web design can be a fickle beast to take on alone. Bringing in an experienced web developer can help assist with any website design services you may require. 

Digital marketing is an ever-changing, ever-growing industry. The trends can be difficult to keep up with, but if you do, the results you field may exceed your expectations. Make a concerted effort to continue investing in digital marketing trends this year and after the pandemic is officially over!

4. Showcase Your Changes

Over the past year, your restaurant has likely undergone major changes, There may have been a period of time where you were closed. Perhaps you had to rearrange your decor. Whatever it may have been, now is the time to broadcast these changes to the world.

The age-old mantra, “people hate change” is sometimes true. Other times, change can be the driving force to get people interested in an established brand. This is why you need to showcase how much change your restaurant has undergone.

If you market your evolution correctly, it should drum up excitement amongst two groups. First, old customers may have felt like they had seen everything your business has to offer. The hope is that the changes you made spark the initial interest that they had in your business. The second group of customers you are hoping to capture is the crowd who was never interested in your business in the first place. Your new changes could be a catalyst to get them in the door, but you need to advertise these changes first.

A well-produced social media campaign is the best way to display the updates you have made. In fact, social media is where many foodies and locals go to get their local business news. The major platforms, Facebook and Instagram, are great for video spots, which is the perfect way to show customers what to expect when coming back to your business. The advertisement doesn’t need to be over the top, just a quick 2-3 minute video that shows any changes you may have made. A voice-over would be wise to include, as would a walkthrough of out-of-store changes, such as website updates, or delivery options.

Don’t let this one video be your only exploration of video-based content either! Breaking up the monotony of pictures will be refreshing for followers of your page.

5. Start a Loyalty Program

While the pandemic outlook is starting to appear promising, the negative impacts will be felt by many for a long time. The stress and financial burden that the pandemic caused did reignite a hometown support feeling in many communities. As a restaurant owner, you need to harness this support and convert these new customers into loyal lifelong customers.

One way that you can take these current customers and turn them into lifelong customers is by creating a loyalty program. Loyalty programs are nothing new, but with the heightened desire for closeness, customers are primed to be marketed to using emotional tactics. A loyalty program makes the customer buy into the idea that your restaurant is somewhere that they see themselves coming too often. There needs to be an enticement to get customers to that level of loyalty though.

Standard loyalty programs usually include some sort of visitor bonus. This means that when customers return to your store, they receive some sort of mark to signify how many times they have been in. Eventually, when they reach a certain number the customer will get a discount of some sort. These programs are easy to maintain, but may not be enough to convert a large number of customers.

Other loyalty programs to try would be either a referral program or a social media program for members. The referral program would be simple; customers can refer a friend using an app or your new website and when they hit a certain number, they get a discount.

The social media program is a bit more creative and difficult to track. This would be the most challenging, but could have a really cool payoff! Essentially, you establish a check-in process where customers snap a photo of themselves enjoying a meal at your restaurant. They need to post the photo on a major social media account and tag your business. If they do, they receive a discount or free item. These programs are great because if they work well, they can serve as a mini-marketing campaign that was completely organic!

6. Engage with the Local Community

As mentioned above, customers are craving a sense of community right now. Emotions are high as people get back into the world and normal events begin to return. Right now is the time to strike if you want to insert yourself into the community. Integral members of any community always work with other businesses and organizations in the local area. Your marketing team needs to get together and think about possible local partnerships that could cement your business as a key member of the community.

The first thing you need to identify is the type of partnership your business will fit with. If you are a local pizza shop, then sponsoring some high-brow event is probably not something that will benefit you or the event. Think within your target market; the pizza shop should try to get in with any and every local sporting event, outdoor festival, concert venue and more.

If people begin to see your brand at every city event, it will just increase brand traction and recognition. People will also know that your brand is putting money back into the community, as you have to pay to be the sponsor of major events.

Getting into the community will not be as easy as just asking. You should have a business pitch prepared for each and every community or event coordinator you meet with. Other businesses in the community will be vying for the same sponsorship opportunities as you and spots will be limited.

Once you do land some partnerships, the marketing efforts will not be over. Your team will need to create some promotional materials to use at these events. Everything from pamphlets to facade wraps will need to be created so that your business looks legit. If you need some assistance with any print projects, we can help you. Our team can handle print projects large and small for businesses of any size. Contact us today to see where we can help your business!

Well there you have it! 6 actionable steps to take to get your business back on track. Marketing will be the lifeblood of your business as the world reopens. Strike while the iron is hot! People are wanting to get out and live again, and restaurants are often high on people’s lists of things to do.

With the summer looking more and more like it will be somewhat relaxed, hopefully, your restaurant will regain the success you once had pre-pandemic!

Contact us with any digital questions you may have!

How To Make Your Website More Persuasive With These Tips

How To Make Your Website More Persuasive With These Tips

How To Make Your Website More Persuasive With These Tips

How To Make Your Website More Persuasive With These Tips
To attain a more persuasive website, there must be a main goal for your website. Ask these questions: Why did you create your website? What is its purpose? What message are we trying to send with it? Who is the audience for that message? How can we be the solution? How does our solution benefit our audience? If you cannot answer any of these questions, your website does not have a goal. Without a goal, your website lacks direction and conviction. How can you persuade someone to buy something when you don’t even know why you’re selling it, to begin with?
So, can’t answer some or even all of those questions? Well, you are in luck, we are going to help you answer some of them.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

Knowing who your audience is that you are trying to sell your products or services to, is extremely important. This information will allow you to dial in your selling points and allow them to become more effective than they have ever been.

However, you need to ask yourself, “Do I want quantity or quality and am I speaking to the individualistic mentality or the collective?” These questions will shape how you market to your target audience. If you decide to target the collective, you must focus on the bigger picture. Show your audience what you can do for their family, group, team, or community. Prove to them that what your offering is not just good for them but everyone. Whereas, if you choose to target the individual, you will be doing the opposite. You must show them you care about how they as an individual are affected by your product. Attest that these services will have a positive impact on them.

Once you have decided whether or targeting the collective or individual, you are going to want to choose a demographic. If you do not know what we mean by demographic, it is the statistical characteristics of the human population. In short, it’s what makes up a person. Are they married or single? What is their income level? Where do they live? Children or no children? Gender, hobbies, ideals, etc… All these factors will play a key part in how effective your website is in persuading them to take action.

So, who is your ideal customer?

Who Is Your Target Audience

What Is A Message

A message is usually an idea or concept communicated through words either verbally or written, from one person to another. In business how you send messages to your customer, and what that message is are both important.

Messages only work when your audience can understand them. For them to understand the message you need to make it clear and concise, but also consistent, compelling, and credible. Make sure the target audience can easily remember and grasp your message. Catch their attention with it and inspire them to take action. Do this repeatedly by incorporating it into various channels of communication. But, more importantly, make your message believable. Provide evidence that reinforces your key points and supports it.

Do not over complicate your message. The more information you add to it the hard it becomes for your audience to understand it. All too often do we see someone trying to spew out as many words as possible in a limited amount of time. A good example of this is the billboards you drive by on the highway. You know the ones where you see a wall of text, and all you could read was the first seven words before driving past. If you keep the message clear and concise that should never be a problem.

Nevertheless, one message does not always work for everyone. Just because you had the best delivery of your message ever, at the right time, with perfect visuals and design, does not mean the recipient of your message was captured, or even understood it. That is why it is better to have multiple messages, each tailored for different audiences. Doing this allows you to grab their attention and hold it. You can see this in your website design as well. Do not just jam one page with everything you have. Separate it so you can take your time and clearly say what you need to. Here an example of what we are talking about.

RJ Automotive is a website we designed, and we separated all their services to have individual pages. This was done so that when RJ Automotive is trying to sell their brake repair services, the potential customer is only getting the information on brake repair. Which in turn helps their message on how important brakes are to the safety of those in the vehicle, come through, and turn that potential customer into a paying one.

What Is A Message

What Is Your Message?

To create a message, you must first have a business goal. You know, “What is your company trying to accomplish? What are you working for?” That kind of thing. Once you have a goal, we can take the next step.

That step is figuring out how communication will help you achieve those goals. In what ways will sending a message help your business. Will it bring in more customers? Could you sell more? Understanding how your message will affect your business shall aid you in the creation of that message.

After you have thought about how your message will help you, we need to now define your core elements. To do this list the most significant things needed to accomplish your goals. Create simple statements that are easy to remember and understand. You want them to be clear and concise so when you share them with another person, they can then walk away and share them with someone else.

Now define your audience. Who are they? What do they do? What motivation do they have? Once you have found your audience, focus on what you want them to feel, think, and do. What results do you want to see after they have heard your message? However, make sure you concentrate on your target audience because your message can always be adapted for different audiences later.

Next, think about the six great questions of life while your message develops. Who, what, when, where, why, and how? Who does this message impact? What does it say? When will it happen? Where is it happening? Why is it important? How can it be addressed? Answering these questions and similar ones will all become the framework of a persuasive message.

Creating the framework is good and all, but you must support it with a good foundation. The next step is to provide evidence and information that will make your message credible. Include details that the customer might not have access to. Guarantee that what you are trying to convey with your message is trustworthy and supported by proven facts.

Follow these general principles and you will be able to create a message that will cause your audience to take action.

What Is Your Message?

How Can We Be Your Solution?

“We get paid to solve people’s problems.” These words have never been truer. Think about it, every time you go shopping, you are there to buy something to solve a problem. Whether that problem comes from hunger, thirst, lack of entertainment, or whatever, you are paying someone to remedy it. What you want to do is be the one getting paid for the solution.

To ensure that you can be the customer’s solution, you must build their trust in you. This will not only aid you but make your customer more comfortable with their choice of coming to you. As to why that is, it’s because most people like to interact with individuals they trust or share some similarities to. So, to build their trust in first research any foreseeable problems and their solutions that may occur. If you know what problems you can solve and which might come up later, you will have an easier time persuading your customers that you are trustworthy.

Your ability to answer customer questions and even bring up further information on their problem and potential outcomes will give you an advantage during your conversations with them. The reasoning behind this is because you will have control over the direction and flow of the conversation. Allowing you to be the “Problem Solver or Hero” they have been looking for. It will also help you open their eyes more to their problem and not have them immediately shut you down, because they were able to see their problem from a different perspective.

How Our Solutions Benefit Them?

People generally enjoy the feeling that they made the right choice. As such, you will want to assure them that choosing you is that choice.

To start, focus on the customer and make them feel important. Let them know you care about their problem and what they might be going through because of it. Build their trust in you as we talked about above. Being able to talk about what their problem is and how it can be solved greatly helps here.

After that, demonstrate what the solution will do for them. Give them evidence that your solution works. Show examples of your results, and what they may expect to see after their problem is solved. If you can provide them with proof and show them what will come after, you will give the customer more reasons as to why you are the right choice.

Here is also a good place to bring up any positive reviews about your products or services. If there are customers who have shared the same or similar problems and got a happy result from your solution, it will give your potential customers a better picture of what they can expect from you. It goes back to what we were saying above, people like to interact with others like themselves. If you have positive reviews from people just like them, then you become a more trustworthy source in their eyes.

So, do not be afraid of asking a happy customer to write a review, just remember to share it with your potential customers. Post your positive reviews somewhere that can be easily seen. If you are not sure as to where you post them, here is an example of what can be done.



Ready to start converting more visitors to your website into paying customers? Learning something new is only half of your battle with making a persuasive website. Now you must act! Put what you have just learned to work.

What actions will you take to help your website become more persuasive?

If you do not have the time or would prefer to have an expert marketing agency like us help you, then please reach out to us. You can contact us here or give us a call today at 559-553-5000.

Are You Ready

Also, if you enjoyed reading this blog article, we have several others with information on marketing, tips for increasing productivity, and even some about going viral. One such blog is How To Go Viral On LinkedIn.

How To Go Viral On LinkedIn In 20 Easy To Understand Steps

How To Write A Press Release -The Complete Guide +Template And Examples

How To Write A Press Release -The Complete Guide +Template And Examples

Press releases are every marketer’s best tool! That’s because when well used, they can help you to share important news about your brand, product, or service to the public.

But the most interesting part is that they can help you reach audiences you wouldn’t any other way. Let’s say it’s a way of non-paid advertising.

So let’s get to it!

Everything You Must Know About Press Releases

Young woman working on a laptop

What Exactly Is A Press Release

It is a document commonly used to share the news with the public. They were meant to be read by journalists, but now everybody can access them. They are typically written in the news article format but covering the most important information at the beginning.

Most press releases are one or two-page long tops. That is because we want to provide enough information. That way media outlets can have sufficient material to write their stories about what we are releasing.

When Is The Right Moment To Send A Press Release

Every time you release something to the public or your customers. This could be

Product Launches. Whenever you release a new product or service to the market
Events. Anniversaries, seasonal sales, new sections of a store or business, just to mention a few
Partnerships. If you got a good deal with another business to benefit your customers, you should let them know about it!
Awards. Does your business give back to the community in any way? Let the people know!
Crisis management. If your company has made any kind of mistake, the best to do is to come forward before it’s too late.

Although there could be a lot more reasons to write one.

Reasons To Release A Media Announcement

Microphones at a press conference
Everybody now is used to sending emails or posting on social media because it’s easy, simple, and fast. However, not a lot of people know about the benefits and coverage you can get from a well-written press release.
  • Media coverage
  • Or how many people like to call it: Free advertising. If your press release reaches the right news or media outlets, they can help you reach more people

  • Improved brand reputation
  • Press releases help you to communicate with your audience, but they also prove you are serious about your business. It’s a way to care about your media image.

  • Reach an expanded network
  • Journalists or media outlets have wide contact networks and can reach far more people than any business alone. If you can have them on your side, you are way ahead of the competition.

  • Helps build PR contacts
  • Writing and sending press releases is an exercise that will get you to contact new people from the media industry. That later can become a reference to new business and projects. And if you deliver good stories to them, they will be happy to cover your news.

  • Improves your SEO strategy
  • As we mentioned before, you can develop a complete SEO strategy around a single press release. Keep this in mind before writing and look for the keywords related to your business, and add them to your press release.

  • You are in control of your media image
  • Effective press releases can do a lot of things for your business. Sure getting more leads is one of the main benefits, but you can also clear your name after a scandal or prove how your company gives back to the community. If you show consistent behavior in your company, press releases can help you shape public perception in your favor

  • Solid backlinks
  • You can use your press releases to build backlinks from trusted media sites. This can help you position better on the Google result page

As you can see, taking the time to write a compelling press release, can become a very efficient cost-effective tool, since it can add to your ongoing media strategy.

How To Write A Press Release

Hands writing on a laptop keyboard

Sections Your Press Release Must Have

Let’s check first all the parts you must cover in your next press release:

  • Headline
  • An eye-catching opening title that can make your audience interested in reading your content.

  • Location
  • City, state, or venue where the event is occurring. Is it a seasonal sale at a particular venue? is it a promo available only at some retailers? Did you release a new product for one particular state?

  • Body Copy
  • Here is where you mention all the benefits of your product or all the details about your initiative or upcoming event.

  • Boilerplate
  • Think of it as the “about us” section on a website. This is the part where you can let people know what your business is about.

  • Press Contact
  • Remember this document is intended for media outlets. Leave them all your contact information to make them super easy to contact you.

Take a look at this press release by Apple, to get a better idea of how those sections integrate

Headline and location screenshots of the apple press release
Body copy, boilerplate, and contact info screenshots of the apple press release

Step One. Write An Appealing Headline

Keep your target in mind. Remember this is not an email to your customers, but a document directed to media outlets. Make your headline interesting, appealing or intriguing.

On this subject, many of the people who will read your press release are reporters, and they may not even know your product or brand. Keep that in mind and write it as concise and clear as you can.

A good headline should be short, concise, and appealing. Search engines reward the brief, so don’t use six words for something you can say with one.

Our best suggestion to get the best headlines is to write it last. This is because it will be far easier to come up with a good title after you wrote, process, and digest all the information in your mind.

Step Two. Take Your Time To Write The First Paragraph

Working at home with laptop woman
Even though some of your audience may stumble across your press release, they are meant to be read and consumed by reporters, analysts, or influencers. And remember those are busy and selective people!

Use your first paragraph to let them know the most important things about your release. Answer who, what, when, why, and about your launch. Think of it as a Netflix synopsis. You have to let them know what’s your content about in one paragraph, but without spoiling the ending.

Keep in mind many people will only read that first paragraph, and worse! Maybe some of those will even write about you! So you have to give them all the necessary information, right at the beginning.

Step 3. Write A Rich Content Body Copy

Woman selecting designs
Remember you delivered all the important pieces of information in your first paragraph. The rest of the document has to be about expanding into rich and juicy details. Here is the part where you need to “brag” about your product, brand, staff, years of experience, or anything you want to communicate.

And don’t worry if your writing skills are not great! You don’t have to write a novel, remember a press release is, first of all, an informative piece of content. It needs to be helpful and concise.

You can tell the story of how your company came up with the new product or the reason behind opening a new venue.

Step 4. Write A Good Boilerplate

business work team

The bad news is you have to take your time to write yours. The good news is you only have to do it once. Your boilerplate is the same for all your business’s press releases.

Think of this section as a summary of these two questions: “who” is your company? what does it do? And why does that matter?

As an example, check the boilerplate in this ModCloth release from 2017.

The language is very clear and concise because they focus on saying only what’s most relevant.

Try to write this section in an open, but foremost in an honest way. Remember your goal is to reference your company so the media outlets can relate to it.

Piece of advice: Once you write your boilerplate, ask a friend to read it, and then ask them three questions.

  • Who is the company?
  • What does it do?
  • Why is that important?

The quality of their answers is the quality of your boilerplate. Use this as a guide, take notes, and go back to the drawing board until people can answer those questions easily.

Step 5. Edit, Add Final Touches, And Proofread

Remember people in editorial media will prefer well-written content. By simply proofreading your press release thoroughly, you will be way ahead of the rest of the documents they read every day.

Do not feel afraid of editing and rewriting anything that doesn’t sound right to you. You can use the Hemingway App to make sure your document is friendly for all readers.

Woman receiving delivery order at her door
You can also use Grammarly, which is a great option to proofread your press release before sending it out.

How To Distribute Your Press Releases

You could come up with the best-written press release ever, but it won’t matter if nobody reads it. Once you are done writing yours, it’s time to focus on distribution.

Do Not Overestimate Social Media And Emails

The easiest answer is in the palm of your hand. Start with your social media and blog. Check your followers or Facebook friends, maybe some of them work in media or something related to your niche.

If you already have a mailing list, that is another great way to release your announcement all by yourself.

Choose And Reach A Few Journalist

Journalist making an interview
Avoid reaching out to every media outlet on the planet. In the media game, quality is better than quantity. Focus on a few influencers or journalists in your niche. It is ok if there are only two or three. Send them personalized emails, explaining why your event, product, or release is important to them.

Keep The Online Wheel Spinning After Your Press Release

Once your release, you have to be very attentive to any mention of your news on any channel, so you can write a blog article about that coverage. Then you can backlink that article to recognized journalists and media outlets.

You can plan an entire SEO strategy around your media coverage and turn that media noise into leads to your site.

If you want to know more about how to write the right article for your SEO strategy, we have this guide about How To Write The Perfect Blog Article.

Example Of Successful Press Releases

To help you start the idea engine, we selected for you 5 significant examples of successful press releases.

Tips For Writing And Publishing A Press Release

There are a couple of tricks that can help you write and publish your first press release. We selected some of those for you.

Take Advantage Of Actual News In Your Press Release

This is a practice commonly known as “newsjacking”. Simply put, newsjacking is about taking real news from out there and finding creative ways to tie your brand to them.

Please just be careful not to play with sensitive news! Because if someone catches you taking advantage of tragic news just to sell your product, it could backfire in the worst possible way.

Our advice is to stick to technology and entertainment news. Is there a new Marvel movie coming soon? Use that to release your brand of homemade popcorn! It just takes a little creativity and good timing.

TBecome The Expert Data Source

Computer and smartphone with graphics and data
Can you share interesting information about your company? Do you already have any study about your web traffic, organic reach, or social media platforms? Share that as exclusive data generated by you. Journalists love exclusives and data, so give them something they cannot resist.

Use Your Press Release To Tell A Story

While sharing relevant data is important, people connect more easily with emotions. This may sound like a literary challenge, but nothing further to it!

You can tell the story of how your company came to celebrate 2 or 5 years running. Or how a personal tragedy became a successful business. Just remember your press release is NOT a Telenovela! Limit your sharings to the first and maybe last paragraph.

Let’s say your press release is about a new product. Right before you start sharing data, you can start with one paragraph about how you never thought the product your kid designed, was going to become a success. Or the story of that one tweet that made you come up with the idea.

Starting with a humane connection is also a great way to make your article lighter and easier to read.

Help Journalist To Cover Your Story

Journalist writing a story
Besides a good story, the other thing journalists love is complete information. Try to give them both. Make the relevant information, like the headline, or the contact info, easy to find and share.

Keep Your Press Release Short And On-topic

Reach not for the biggest reporters, but for the ones that matter
It may sound obvious to look for the most famous and respected media outlets and reporters to spread our story. The truth is: you don’t need the biggest reporters to cover your story, only the ones that are relevant to your niche.

For instance, you can reach the biggest media personality in your Twitter feed, but if they write about cars, and you have a bakery, it won’t help much.

That’s why, when looking for contacts to spread your press release, get into the niches where your product or brand already lives.

Keep your brand image aligned
When looking for journalists or newspapers Ask yourself these questions

  • Does their audience align with your brand or industry?
  • It Is important to make sure you are talking to the right niche

  • Do their values align with yours?
  • Make sure you are on the same channel and have similar views to avoid any triggered response.

  • Is their public image more inclined towards the positive side?
  • If the newspaper or journalist you want to reach has been involved in recent scandals or has any open view that makes them unpopular, maybe you should think twice.

  • Include significant quotes
  • Include a quote from the company owner, the designers involved in the process, or any personality involved in your release. This quote should summarize the essence of your piece… Why? Remember Journalists are busy people. f you give them a good quote they can just copy and paste, then writing about you just became super easy.

Press Release Template To Copy And Paste

Now it’s your turn to start working on your press release, but don’t worry, we got you! Here is a template you can copy and paste into a new document, so you can start writing right away.

Please copy and paste this format, You will see tags [like this one] to indicate which section you are in. Please remove the informative text and write your own. When you finish, delete the tags too.

********Press Release Template********

Write Here Your Headline. Make It Short, Concise, And Clear


[First paragraph]
[Location and date starts the first paragraph]
Bakersfield, Ca. – May 14, 2021– This first paragraph is like a Netflix synopsis. Answer who, what, where, and when, without spoiling the ending. Leave the juicy details to become part of the main body copy. Remember a journalist should be able to get all the general information about your release just from this paragraph. Some people use a bigger font size for this one.

[Body Copy]
Here’s where the rest of the information goes. You already showed us who, what, where, and when in the first paragraph, now it’s time to tell us how it happened, or what will happen from here.

Remember you don’t have to write a novel here, you just have to let us know the plain facts as clearly as you can. You can tell a brief story that helps you establish a humane connection. Just don’t lose track of the main topic.

You can also use writing techniques like the one known as “newsjacking” to take advantage of actual news from around the world. Please stick to technology and entertainment news. We don’t want the wrong kind of media attention because someone found your press release offensive.

While this section can be longer, try to keep the whole document under 2 pages to increase your chances of people reading it.

This is the section you need to take time to write, but you just need to write once. Here you need to answer as brief and concise as possible:

  • Who your company is?
  • What does it do?
  • Why is that important?

[Contact Information]
This is the shortest and simpler section, Just have to provide:

  • The department or division in your company that is responsible for the press release
  • Name of the person in charge
  • A phone number and/or email address

********End Of Press Release Template********


Writing press releases sounds more daunting than what is. Are you still not sure about when is the best moment to release a media announcement? Maybe what you need is to set your social media calendar right first. Check out this infographic to help you find the right timing all the time.

And if you still have any questions regarding your next press release, contact us on social media! We’ll be happy to help!

SEO Article

SEO Article

What is SEO? List of Most Common Questions – Beginners Guide

What is SEO? List of Most Common Questions - Beginners Guide

SEO is the difference between your business being online and your business thriving online. If you can use SEO correctly you will not only be successful but become the leading company in your field.

You don’t believe me, that’s fine. You will just have to miss out on learning what SEO is and how to make it work for you. So, go ahead and leave this page.

You’re still here?

Good! Let’s get started then.

What is SEO?

What is SEO?

First and foremost, what is SEO?

Well, SEO is the short way of saying search engine optimization. It is the practice of leveraging the rules and functions of a search engine to boost a website’s presence within that said engine. The key source of that leverage comes from understanding the words and phrases that users input when looking for anything online. This helps to increase the amount of traffic to a website.

The way SEO works is by using the search engine’s feature to benefit one’s self. Most search engines automatically scan through the internet and archive information and websites it finds. They then sort through and organize their findings. When a word or phrase is searched through their engine it brings up the most relevant information they have archived. SEO is the process of leveraging how a search engine archives and categorizes information as the “best” or “most relevant” for any given subject.

There are three primary principles to SEO, traffic amount, traffic quality, and organic results. The first, traffic amount, is simply the number of people visiting your website. The more visits to your site the better. The second, traffic quality, works with and against traffic amount. The reason is simple, you can attract thousands of people to your website, but none of those visits matter if they are landing on a page unrelated to what they searched for. Lastly, organic results are normal visits to your website that were not paid for. Meaning they came from an organic search rather than a paid advertisement.

However, the most important part of SEO is the utilization of keywords. If used correctly, they will boost your ranking within search engines. All this means is your website has a better chance of being on the first search results page. So as for what a keyword is, they are the word or phrase that people search for when trying to find anything on the internet. An example being “Editing Laptop”, both words individually are important but so is the entire phrase. This tells the search engine to bring up anything that deals with editing and laptops.

What is SEO Marketing?

What is SEO Marketing?
So, you must be asking yourself how SEO helps you sell your services and goods. Well, that is simple, it brings people with a higher chance of buying your goods to your website. This is the primary principle behind SEO marketing. You want to use keywords and how search engines work to bring in customers that will purchase what you have for sale. Effectively using this marketing strategy will help your business grow online.

What is SEO Writing?

What is SEO Writing?
SEO writing is a form of writing that speaks to search engines and makes your website more visible. To be good at SEO writing requires the writer to be grammatically correct, clear, and concise. It should focus on the topic at hand. The writing should have a proper tone as to not offend or scare off the readers. But, most importantly SEO writing uses SEO keywords naturally. They flow throughout the page neatly and do not interfere or feel out of place. If you can accomplish this search engines will place your pages higher in search results.

What is Local SEO?

What is Local SEO?
SEO that is focused on the people near you is known as Local SEO. As an example, let us say your business is in Los Vegas, Nevada, then everyone within Los Vegas and around it is more likely to see your business on a search engine. However, just because your business is near someone does not guarantee you a spot at the top of the search results. Local SEO has three primary factors, the first of which is proximity. The closer someone is to your business the higher your chances of showing up on the search results. So, keep your business’s information up to date and correct. The second is prominence, in other words, your reputation. How well known is your business? Do you have outstanding reviews on your goods and services? Do other websites recommend your products? These all affect your presence on a search engine. Lastly, we have relevance, it is simple, how well does your website match the needs of the searcher. You do not have any control over this but can be affected by your normal search engine ratings.

So How Do You Use SEO?

To start utilizing SEO to benefit your website, you will need to find out if your website has been archived by search engines. The easiest way to do this is to type “site:yourdomainhere” into the search bar and search for it. This should bring up any and every page from your website that has been archived.
Here is an example of what it should look like “

If the search for your website does not bring up any results, there are several possible causes.

Your domain could be too new and all you need to do is wait. Most search engines automatically crawl the internet to find websites to add to their archives. So, if you just created your website give search engines a day or two to find your new site and archive it.

Another reason for the absence of results could be the lack of positive connections to your website. To avoid this just increase the number of those connections to your site. But make sure you have zero or as close to zero negative connections as possible.

As to what is a positive and negative connection, they are links from other websites to yours. Therefore, the reputation of those sites determines how the connection is viewed. Consider it like this, you are looking to buy the best bicycle for downhill mountain riding, and you have two recommendations, one from a professional downhill racer and another from a pro skater with no experience in mountain biking. The choice should be obvious here which recommendation is better. It is the same way with links, those from reputable sites have a positive effect as those who do not have the opposite.

If you do not know whether you have any links to your website, or even do not know if they are positive or negative, let us find out. You can use a link checker tool like the link explorer at, to check your website and see what links to your website you have. From there you can see how credible those sites are and determine a course of action. If your wish to not have the website link to yours, there is a process you can go through to have it removed. The first is to contact the other site and ask them to remove the link to yours. Yes, you will be asking and yes, the outcome depends on how cooperative the other website wishes to be. If you do not want to contact them, you can disavow the link through the search engine. Google offers a disavow tool for its registered users to use. The way to register is simple, you just tell google what domains you own and provide evidence of ownership.

Another reason for a search engine failing to find your website is that its design, for one reason or another, is too complicated to be archived. Redesigning your website to be more search engine friendly will fix this issue. To help with that check out Google’s list of guidelines on how to make your website more search engine friendly. Here is a link to Google’s guidelines.

These guidelines will help with the next possible reason your website is not being archived on search engines. That reason being your website policies. The rules you set for your site could be directly interfering with the search engine. You could be denying the engines access to your site or one of your policies could be against one of theirs. To fix this go through the Google guidelines talked about above and you should find the solution for your policies.
Now that you have found your website on all of the wonderful search engines of your choice, it is time to find what keywords you should be using.

So How Do You Use SEO?

The simplest way to find keywords is to imagine what a customer would type in a search bar to find their desired product or service. This will not give you a clear picture of what people are searching for, but it is a start.

Another way to find keywords is to visit other websites. I suggest going to Facebook, Quora, LinkedIn, and Reddit. The reason you should go to these websites is that they are where customers go to discuss their lives, experiences, and more importantly the products and services they have used or want. So, go to these sites and search for groups, discussions, reviews, and questions that are about your given product or service type. Look at the words they are using when describing what they are looking for in a product and their experiences with said products. These words can all be used as keywords for SEO.

If combing through pages and pages of discussions and reviews is not something you want to do, you can always use an SEO keyword research tool. These are programs that handle all the research for you and gives you statistics on how popular the words are for searches. There are free versions of these tools as well as paid ones. The difference between all of them is the features they offer, so try them out and find the one you like best.

However, do not make the same mistake that most businesses do when searching for keywords. That mistake is only doing it once. Our society is constantly evolving, whether that is a good thing or bad is up to you. What you need to take away from it is that this also affects how people search for things on the internet. The words they use will change in popularity and some can be replaced with others. To combat this all you need to do is keep your keywords updated. Make sure you research new words and phrases regularly and do not be afraid of expanding your current list of keywords.

There is one more thing that you need to know about keywords. That is, the more popular the keyword, the more competition you have in using it. Because of this, do not be afraid of experimenting with keywords, and keep your keyword list diverse. Use words related to your goods and services that you think will not bring in many customers. Those words could become the best performing keywords in your list, and in turn, help give you an advantage over your peers.

Once you have created your keyword list, the next step is to put those keywords to work.

You will first want to group and categorize your keywords. What I mean by this is to put all the similar words together so you have manageable groups that will aid you rather than work against you. After you have groups all of the keywords into similar categories, you are going to further segment those groups into even smaller and more precise ones.

So How Do You Use SEO

We will use “handbags” as an example. You would group all the keywords related to handbags into one group. Next, divide those words into new groups such as colored handbags, leather handbags, canvas handbags, 100% recycled material handbags, and such. Those would then be further divided into smaller groups and so on and so on. Doing this allows you to have dedicated pages for each keyword. Those dedicated pages will allow for even more optimization, as well as allow customers to land on pages with only the information they desired. Doing this also aids you in not overusing the keywords throughout your website, and also by not having one page being smothered with every keyword you have in your list.

Now that all your keywords have been grouped up into nice manageable categories, let us start using them.

You want to make sure to place your keywords in page titles, the URLs for those pages, and throughout the pages themselves. Each keyword should have one dedicated page that talks about it. This allows you to fully use that keyword and show your customers why your version of it is different.

Next, you want to make sure all the images you are using for a keyword have image alt tags with that keyword. This will be seen by google and aid you in getting the top spots in search results. Doing the same thing for meta tags has the same effect. So, make sure you are using keywords within them as well. The final thing you should do is to use your keywords as anchor links to their respective pages. For instance, if you have a page describing all the different handbags you have for sale, use those different types of bags as links to their pages. If you have “Leather Bags” then make it a link that redirects you to the page about Leather Bags.

After finding and effectively using your keywords, the last step is to satisfy the people who land on your website. What this means is to ensure that the people coming to your website are landing on the correct pages related to what they searched for. Do not have the land on your page about wallets and they were looking for hats. When that happens, most people will just back out of the website and go to the next search result. Having the land where they intended to land, leads to them having a higher chance of purchasing your goods or services. If they do not land on a page related to their search, they now must search through your website to find what they wanted. This makes it more likely that they will be unsatisfied with their search and leave your website without buying anything.


SEO is all about leveraging how search engines give results to the people using them. You need to understand what keywords are and how to find and use them to benefit your website. Once you have effectively employed SEO in your marketing strategy you will see a difference in your online presence and your business success.

Take what you have learned here and succeed!

I would like to thank you for spending your precious time reading our blog. I would also like to recommend any one of the other blogs available on our website, all with tips and tricks to help businesses grow. However, my favorite is Top 10 Productivity Tips for 2020.

So, I encourage you to take just a few more minutes out of your day and browse through the rest of them. I am 100% positive you will find something else to aid your business.

Top 9 HVAC Marketing Ideas to Follow

Top 9 HVAC Marketing Ideas to Follow

These 9 HVAC marketing ideas will help your business grow and stand out from your competition, don’t miss out on this opportunity!

The Top 9 HVAC Marketing Ideas to Follow

Having an HVAC company is one of the best businesses to have but it does not come easily. There is a lot of competition in this field and you as a business owner want to stand out from the competitors.

I encourage you to read this article and follow those 9 marketing ideas if you want to watch your business grow and overcome the competition. For you as the reader, I want to be able and provide these 9 marketing ideas that could only benefit your business. It does not matter what type of weather we are experiencing or whether the economy is booming or not HVAC companies are always needed. That is why my goal for you is to be able and follow these marketing ideas and watch your business begin to grow exponentially.

It may not be easy with so much competition but believe me when I say that these 9 marketing ideas will benefit your business and you will have an advantage over the competition.

1.Optimizing your Website

Optimizing your Website

If you do not already have a website you might want to create one. Making the best website for your business or making your current one better will increase your chances of generating more clients.

The main point of your website is to generate leads that can be potential clients. You want to have a website that customers are attracted to and it is easy for them to navigate through it. Your HVAC website template should all be corresponding to your work and avoid having unnecessary items because they can cause your website speed to be slower. You should have contact information on all pages as well as a call-to-action to make it easier for clients to contact you. First impressions usually come from your website, if your website is easy and helpful clients will more than likely hire you. Another tip is to make sure your HVAC website is informative with testimonials to back up the work you provide. Clients want to make sure they are hiring the right business to do the work that they need done without any issues.

If you have people who are constantly answering phone calls or any inquiries, it is recommended to add a chatbox to your website. This will help customers ask any question without feeling like they are entitled to hire you. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly, fast in speed, and it is secured to use. The easier your website is to use the more clients it will likely generate.

If you want the perfect HVAC marketing website created for your business consider Chavez Web Design to help you with this task, you will not be disappointed!

2.Create an HVAC Market Plan

If you want your business to grow you must create an HVAC market strategy that will help you do so. You do not just want to go into the market blindly, without having an idea of what you want to do.

To start off the first thing you would want to do is build a plan and a budget to help you with your success. Your plan should consist of which advertising platform you want to choose and which fits your budget the best. It should also have a target audience in which your advertising will most likely reach. Your plan should also be competitive as the HVAC industry is continuously growing and you do not want your competitors having an advantage over you. If you do not consider establishing a plan it is easy to lose focus pretty quickly and without a budget, it will be difficult to measure wins or leads along your way.

When you are choosing your advertising platform I encourage you to do your research and choose the one that best fits your business. There are different platforms you can advertise such as Google Ads or Bing. Once you decide which platform you will use to advertise your HVAC company you now want to set a budget. Depending on which platform you choose they each have different policies on determining how much your budget will be. When you target your audience you would want to use words or phrases that correspond to your HVAC business.

Creating an HVAC marketing plan is beneficial to your business in many ways. So, consider creating one to help your business grow.

4.Google Local Service Ads for HVAC

One of the best ways to advertise your HVAC business is through Google local service ads. Your main goal for this is to have a top stop when customers search for services for HVAC. You will need to pay for this service so keep that in mind. Although, Google lets you set your own budget.

Google Local Service Ads for HVAC
Google offers different types of platforms to advertise your HVAC business. Some of these are Google pay-per-click (PPC), Google Screened, or Google guaranteed. Out of those three, my personal favorite to pursue is Google guaranteed because with that one your ads are guaranteed to show up as a top candidate. Although, in order to become Google guaranteed you must pass a background check, which might take some time to get approved, must pay for it, and you still need to maintain a high rating to compete with other Google guaranteed HVAC businesses.

The advantage of Google guaranteed is you also get to set your budget and they are ranked higher than the pay-per-click as well as local service ads. So your only competition would be other Google guaranteed HVAC businesses. The choice will be yours depending on your budget and the target audience you are aiming for. I recommend doing a pros and cons list and choosing the one that benefits your business the most.

Advertising is needed if you want your business to grow and reach new clients. It is up to you which way you prefer to do so. Once you have a better understanding of how the search engine market works you will be able to make your choice.

5.Social Media Marketing

If you do not already have a social media account it is a great idea to create one. This allows you to be able and engage with customers. They can ask questions and recommend your services by sharing your accounts.

Two of my favorite social media accounts I prefer to use to promote businesses are Instagram and Facebook. Instagram is a great social media account to create brand awareness and a great way to gain loyal customers. On Instagram, you are able to show off the work you offer as well as show off the work you have done already. Use hashtags as they are the topic you do and they are also how other users find posts. Also, tag well-known HVAC companies that are partnered with you or where you get your supplies from. Finally take advantage of their story feature and show off your work by posting stories. Here are a few more tips on how to gain Instagram followers.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook has this feature that allows you to create a Facebook business page. Facebook is also the biggest social media platform there is with around 2.5 billion users a month. Just imagine how many leads you can generate out of creating an HVAC Facebook business page. Just like Google, Facebook also has a local service ad where many users are able to find your page as a top search. You can also invite your friends to like your page, and it is also easier to interact with customers through Facebook. So, take advantage of this feature from Facebook and create an HVAC Facebook business page.

There are many social media accounts you can use to promote your business. So, choose all the ones you like and get started, you have nothing to lose.

6.Recruiting the Right Workers

The people you hire for your business have a lot to do with the way you provide the services you offer to clients. So, when hiring for your HVAC company make sure you target the right audience.

Most of the companies use sites such as Indeed or ZipRecruiter when they are looking for top candidates to hire. Sites like these half many people searching for jobs and you can be one step away from hiring an excellent employee. Using sites like these can also save you time looking for an employee. So, I recommend you make an account for your business for one of these sites to help you look for recruits.

Having your employees perform a good job for your clients can go a long way. If the client likes the service you performed for them they will more than likely recommend you and call you again if they need another service completed. One of your main goals with the client is to build trust, and to do so you need to hire trustworthy employees.

Hiring the right employees is only going to help your business improve and grow. In that case, put in the extra time and effort to do so.

7.Customer Service Reviews

It may not seem like it but encouraging your clients to write reviews about the services you have provided for them will help your HVAC business exponentially.
Customer Service Reviews
Customer reviews are one of the most effective ways to get a top spot if you are using local services ads. Those reviews help your SEO score as well as make your HVAC business look good and generate more leads. You could also use those positive reviews as testimonials on your website page. Remember that customers are essential to helping your business grow, so show them some love. Do this by putting yourself in the customer’s shoes, listen to them, exceed their expectations, and do a proper job. If you have customer service representatives (CSR) I recommend you taking some extra time and training them into your HVAC market strategy.

Another great tip is to add a chatbox to your website. Most customers do not want to be waiting on the phone all day for someone to answer. So, enabling a chatbox helps you communicate with customers the way they want. Your customers should be one of your main concerns as they are what keeps your business going. Treating them right will only benefit your company.

8.Offer A Unique Service

Your HVAC company should be different from the competition in order for you to stand out. You should offer a unique service or proposition that clients may be attracted to and possibly hire you.

This unique proposition should be able to identify a unique benefit, distinguish you from the competition, and solve the customer’s problem. By doing so, clients will feel like you know what you are doing and make their life easier. It should also outline the specific area of service you provide. For example, this could be a/c service, green energy, or heater installation. Whichever one you excel in should be the one that should be part of your unique proposition. Keep in mind that a unique proposition should convey what a customer will receive by choosing a product or service your business is providing or selling.

With that in mind, I recommend you study your competition in the area you reside in. By doing this, you could find the competition’s weaknesses and turn those into your strengths. Competition is very high in the HVAC industry so getting ahead of your competition will be a big bonus for your company. You also must live up to the proposition you offer, you do not want to leave customers with a bad reputation.

9.Reputation Matters

Reputation Matters
Your business reputation should be the main concern for your HVAC business because it matters a lot. The reputation you have for your business is going to make a huge impact on your customer’s reviews, which will affect the stop you will have in the search engine.

You need to impress your customers by going above and beyond on the service or product you are going to provide. Also, you always need to be professional, polite, and do the service in the time you said you were going to do so. Keeping your word with the customer will help build your reputation with them. The biggest way to keep a good reputation with customers is by providing excellent services or products. They should be more than happy with the work you provide them with.

Another way to help manage your reputation is by doing email follow-ups. Follow-up emails aren’t the ways you can use emails, you can also do promotional emails. Many customers enjoy receiving promotional emails just as much as follow-up emails. Few examples of promotional emails are:

  • New unit coupons
  • Companies charitable actions
  • Free maintenance service for new customers

Other ways to help build your reputation are by answering and monitoring your customer’s reviews. You especially want to respond quickly to reviews to show customers you enjoy their interaction with your company.

Your goal is to build a trustworthy business with a good reputation which will help your business grow exponentially.

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